Project 365: July 2012 Recap

And here’s the recap of my project 365 for July!


July Photo A Day Challenge Recap

Posted this really late! I just got to editing the video today!

Here are my photos last July for the Photo A Day Challenge.

Oh no she didn’t!

I am affected.

Two days ago, Kristen Stewart came out and admitted that she cheated on her on-screen/off-screen boyfriend Robert Pattinson with her Snow White and the Huntsman director Rupert Sanders. The couple has never publicly announced their couple-hood, only glimpses from paparazzi photos and slips during interviews have speculated fans that they indeed are an item.

One day after news came out, Kristen Stewart came out with a public apology to Rob in People Magazine saying:

“I’m deeply sorry for the hurt and embarrassment I’ve caused to those close to me and everyone this has affected. This momentary indiscretion has jeopardized the most important thing in my life, the person I love and respect the most, Rob. I love him, I love him, I’m so sorry.”

Director Rupert Sanders also issued a statement:

“I am utterly distraught about the pain I have caused my family. My beautiful wife and heavenly children are all I have in this world. I love them with all my heart. I am praying that we can get through this together.”

I adore the Twilight series and I just find RPatz and KStew such a lovely couple and their chemistry on and off screen is so obvious. It was very obvious since the first movie while I watched outtakes and interviews. At that time Kristen was dating somebody else. I was thrilled to find out they were a couple, and saddened that this happened.

Robert Pattinson has yet to make a statement and the couple’s status is something to all watch out for. The last installment for The Twilight series, where the couple stars as the lead roles is out this November.

Thinspiraration: TRA Week 3

I completed my week 3 of the TRA program last Sunday. Due to the heavy rains last Sat, our TRA Class 2 was cancelled and instead became a Skype call, with my very own friend and mentor Kristine leading the class.

Just a little background, Kristine was my blockmate in college. Although we ran different groups, I considered Tin to be a very good friend since we were both active in college politics and had a lot of classes together.

When we were in college, Tin lost a lot of her baby fat due to diet and exercise. However, when we started working and when she had a baby, she gained a lot of weight and it placed her in a precarious position when she was about to give birth. She developed hypertension, which caused her to undergo emergency caesarian.

This is her weight loss journey:

7 years off my body age.
4 inches off my waist.
3 levels down the killer visceral fat.
20 lbs off the scale, 11 lbs of which is fat.

All in 3 months without starving and exercise. 🙂

It was this testimonial that made me join the program for a healthier me.

Class 2 taught us proper nutrition such as the proper classification of foods (did you know cherry tomatoes are fruits, while tomatoes are veggies; corn is carbs but baby corn is veggies); right proportions; healthy ways of preparing food; tips on how to decipher nutrition labels; healthy food choices; etc.

Although I was already in my 3rd week, 2 weeks ahead of my classmates, Tin gave some tips in advance and with my diligent posting of photos on our FB groups, the other coaches were able to point out to me the proper way of eating. The class was still an eye-opener and got so much tips.

But here’s the real test on my result:

  • Weight: increased by .1
  • Body Fat Weight and Percentage: lost 1 kg and 1% respectively
  • Body age: decreased by 1
  • BMI: same – bordering normal-obesity
  • increased resting metabolism
  • Visceral Fat: same – normal
  • Subcutaneous Fat: Decreased by 1kg
  • Skeletal Muscle: Increased by 1kg

Over-all the results are very good and right on track. The weight usually depends on the time of day or if you just ate a meal (which was my case since I had lunch less than 2 hours before). I am crediting this result due to increased strength training from AGY Flying Fitness and the CrossFit trial last week and more conscious choices with regards to my food choices like fresh fruits and veggies, properly cooked meals and avoiding as much as possible fatty foods.

My goals for the week is to: further decrease my weight, body fat – subcutaneous and visceral fat and increase skeletal muscle.

  • Weight: decrease by 2 kg
  • Body Fat: decrease By 2 kg
  • Subcutaneous: decrease By 2 kg
  • Visceral: decrease By 1 pt
  • Muscle: Increase by 1 pt

Over all, I am really getting the hang of this and really conscious to buy good food like fresh veggies and fruits. I noticed I also watch how I eat, like now I eat 10 minutes longer giving time for me to chew my food and eat it properly. I also noticed how it affected my work-outs as now I go deeper into my yoga poses for bikram and can go longer and jump higher with my AGY. My coaches and teachers also noticed it. I also like to admire myself in the mirror as I can see my waist shrink and my thighs grew smaller.


Thinspiration: Fit All You Can


Despite the heavy rains caused by Tropical Depression Ferdie, fitness enthusiasts from around the metro converged at the Rockwell Tent for Fit All You Can, the first ever fitness event, bringing together the country’s top gyms, fitness centers, yoga studios, equipment providers and other related suppliers under one roof.

They called it a smorgasbord of all thing fit. Where else can you pay a minumum fee of P500 and sample different kinds of exercises?

As a fitness enthusiast, I was very interested in attending the program because not only did some of my favorite studios like Beyond Yoga and Yoga+ were participating, I could also get to try out work outs from the other places/workouts I am interested to try such as PlanaForma, 360 circuit training and CrossFit for only P500 for all of them. That’s value for your money because a class is usually P500 or may require you to pay certain minimum trial fees at a much higher cost. And you get to sample them all in one venue!

I rounded up my co-fitness buddy Ria, and coined ourselves the “social-exercisers” because we love attending fitness events such as running events or things like this.

Here is the list of classes lined up for that day:

I had an appointment at 4pm so it was best to sample as much classes as we could within our timeframe from 10am-3pm.

First thing we tried was Crossfit, lead by the coaches of CrossFit Insurrecto. My AGY/Yoga Teacher Rianna Gatus, Ria and I all decided to join in. I was really scared because I’ve heard that this was such a killer work out but I decided to let my fear go and just have fun. Hey, its a trial after all.

Rianna, Ria and I warming up

Coaches from CrossFit Insurrecto explaining the Work Out of the Day (WOD)

Coaches teaching us how to do proper squats

After our intense workout, Ria and I took a quick lunch at the mall before heading back to the event. When we came back the Zumba class headed by Teacher Julie of PlanaForma was on its way so I jumped right in at the side with the Beyond Yoga girls Iza and Cathy since this was a very full class.

After this, Ria and I headed towards the other tent to do Absolute Hot Yoga (Hot A) with Teacher Dinah from Yoga+.

I was thrilled to have done this because I’ve been curious to find out what Hot A was all about but never got to try it because I usually stick to Hot B (Bikram) at the Studio. Its a lot similar, but Ria’s correct to say that there are a lot more transitions into the poses. Will definitely try this at the studio soon!

In the middle of all this, I hung out mostly at the Beyond Yoga booth, where they offered free trial of Anti-Gravity Yoga.

My usual seat

Ria’s first time on the hammock and got to do the vampire pose!

It was such a great day and endorphins were running high through out the day. I just wished I could’ve stayed all day and tried out the other exercises and class such as 360 circuit training, yin yoga and Plana Forma.

I commend the organizers for such a job well done. It was very organized, and despite starting the program late, everyone else kept the schedule. I’ve heard great reviews and people very much enjoying the event. There was a sense of camaraderie and fun as the different fitness groups tried out each others work out and not compete with each other.

I will definitely be joining the next event and hope to see more of you fitness fans there!

Photos courtesy of:, The List Group, Beyond Yoga and Yoga+

Thinspiration: TRA Day 17-20

These are my meals for the rest of the week:

Day 17


Pear, Tomatoes, 2 slices of Wheat Bread and Sardines


Orange, Salad, Beef Misono and Egg, Rice

Apple, Pechay and Tomato Soup, Apple

Over-all, I completed 3333 requirements and supplements. No exercise today.

DAY 18


Apple, Tomatoes, Wheat Bread, Egg Whites, a dollop of peanut butter


Apple, Munggo, Lechon Kawali, Rice (mistook munggo for veggie when its actually protein!


Apple, Carrots + Tomato Soup, Trimshake

Actually had 3 fruits, 2 veggies, 4 protein and 3 carbohydrates. My friend Tin says that its okay if more protein rather than more carbs. Also did 75 mins of Anti-Gravity Yoga.

DAY 19


Apple, broccoli and cauliflower, sardines, wheat bread plus okay size of luncheon meat to sample.


Orange, broccoli and cauliflower, brown rice and tuna


Orange, brocolli, trimshake

Completed 3333 meals, however had some snack samples during the afternoon. Just a handful.

DAY 20


Apple, tomatoes, wheat bread, egg whites and a dollop of peanut butter


Apple, veggies from the pho and lettuce from the spring roll, chicken and beef for protein and pho noodles for the carb.


Apple, trimshake and togue

Completed 3333 meals + did 30 mins of cross fit, 60 mins of hot yoga.

Thinspiration: TRA Day 16

I had a much better day today! Thanks to all the coaching.


I upped the ante on veggies today. 1 Pear, 1 open palm of brocolli and cauliflower, adobo tuna and wheat bread. It was suggested I eat two slices.


Apple, Ceasar Salad (no dressing), grilled chicken, tapa and scrambled eggs for protein (didn’t finish everything because it was too much) and half the rice in this photo since it was also too much.

Had a okay sized custaroon for dessert.


Orange, Garden Salad and Trimshake

Its a complete 3333 meal – 3 fruits, 3 veggies, 3 proteins, 3 carbs + did 90 mins of bikram yoga 🙂

Music: Good Time by Owl City feat Carly Rae Jepsen

My new happy song!

Thinspiration: TRA Week 2

Like any other long term program, there are ups and downs. I found the 2nd week more challenging than the first week because I became active in the facebook groups of our batch and the coaches had so many tips and advise that I had to do some adjustments to what I ate.

My biggest adjustment was eating the fruit first because normally, I don’t eat fruits and usually its after. On my first day to do this sequence, I felt so bloated and full after each meal so the next day I cut it in half. I got comments from the coaches about it but I explained that I was adjusting lang and the very next day got back to eating full portions of fruit.

It was strange to have coaches commenting on what you eat, but I reminded myself that this what I signed up for to have a system for my fitness plan and the coaches are there to keep me in check with my eating habits and give pointers. They don’t actually scold you or tell you not to eat this or that, so it makes you conscious of what to eat because you will be posting it soon for them to comment.

This was also the week I had my first class, and they gave us lots of tips for beginners as some of my batchmates haven’t started the program yet.

Some things I’ve learned this week:

  • Bring fruit and/or veggies when eating out as more often than not you might end up in a place where they don’t serve these two items. Protein and Carbs are more common.
  • Mixing the trimshake properly can make a big difference. I am not so gassy anymore after drinking it.
  • Eat in this order: Fruit, veggie and protein + carbs

I weighed myself last sat to get my Karada scan results and the results were:

  • lost 4 lbs (2 kg)
  • lower BMI (almost at normal range, just a few numbers to shed)
  • retained visceral body fat at 6
  • lowered body age
  • lowered body fat weight
  • slightly decreased total subcutaneous fat (but increased in some areas), slightly lowered total skeletal muscle


Thinspiration: Day 14-15

I’m on the half-way mark of my first month and here we go:

DAY 14


Apple, Open Palm of Carrots, Wheat Bread, and Grilled Chicken


Apple, Salad, Pasta with Meat Sauce, and Fish Fillet

Luckily my tita Alice served a compliant menu for her lunch treat for us.


Trimshake, Apple, Veggies from the pancit and fish fillet, pancit noodles and fish fillet.

I raised the question to the coaches what to do when you are at a party and they didn’t serve a 3333 compliant meal. I didn’t expect that my uncle wouldn’t serve any veggies (or maybe I should’ve) so I wasn’t really able to comply to my veggie count (and instead added more). Tin suggested to eat the fruits and veggies before going there just in case so you can complete the carb and protein requirement at the party.

Result: 3 fruits, 3 veggies, 4 carbs, 4 protein

DAY 15


Apple, Veggie Soup, Bread and Grilled Chicken


Apple, Mongolian Rice Bowl – with palm of rice, open hand veggies and fist of meat


Trimshake, Open Palm of Soup and Orange

Others: 2 okay sized putos, 1 stick pork bbq (for merienda) and 1 okay sized custaroon for desser

For the dinner, the coaches commented on the amount of food I have eaten and it was suggested I up the ante on veggies.

Result: 3 fruits, 3 veggies, 3 carbs, 3 protein + 75 mins of AGY