Project 365: February 2012 Recap

Here’s a recap on what’s been happening on Project 365 for February:



The Story So Far: The Leap Day Entry


Another month has come and gone, two months down for year 2012. February is special this year as there’s an extra day, the 29th, a not so usual occurrence.

I have been enjoying blogging for the past weeks, and as you can see my entries are becoming more from personal experience and more what I wrote than just posting and sharing quotes and videos. I am beginning to brave the blogging world to express my thoughts on some recent issues and share my experiences.

Blogging has become like second nature to me, and I find myself looking forward to my time where I sit down and write. I actually keep notes and topics each day for whatever comes to mind on what I want to write or share and sometimes I don’t get to finish because there are so many ideas!

And the more I explore, the more I brave the blogging world, the more I learn. I also learn from my blogging mistakes (like learning to cross check my references before I post). I made a mistake of posting a twitter post as reference for one of the hottest people in the news now and it turns out it was a fake account. I had to retract my entry and re-write it.

I also have been toying for the past few days the idea of changing my layout to be more ‘professional’ looking and been reading other blogs looking for inspiration. Its a great experience, and very inspiring. I hope I can be a really good blogger one day.

February has sort of been a transition period for me. My stint in ABS-CBN Sports and Balls has ended today, and I found that I’ve been spending more time preparing for the Kids Platform with presentations and meetings left and right. But I was very happy to have ended my 10 month stint with a 1-1 Draw Game with the Azkals. I will definitely miss my Sports and Balls family!

February has also been a month of re-discovery. I came back to a city that I love, Cagayan de Oro, came back to a hobby I love – photography, and came back to music and television with the Voice.

A big thank you to all my readers for your support.

I look forward to spending my third month with all of you. Do watch out for an out of country entry, more sporting events, more music, more food, more fun. See you all in March!

Project 365: I <3 ABS-CBN Sports! (Day 60)

Its my last day to sell ABS-CBN Sports, S23 and Balls as I will be back to my original assignment with the kids platform. And for my last day, I was given a little souvenir: my prodpass to the Azkals vs Malaysia game 🙂

BAR Exam Results Out

The 2011 BAR Exams results are out! Congratulations to my new lawyer friends!

  • Xina Acosta
  • Anna Basman
  • Anna Go
  • Raissa Villanueva
  • Diana Dizon
  • Bea Roque
  • Julia Britannico
  • Chris Lao
  • Abdel Discangcopan
  • Emma Cabochan

Complete list here: Philippine Law Info

Happy Leap Year Day!

Thirty days hath September,
April, June and November;
February has twenty eight alone
All the rest have thirty-one
Except in Leap Year, that’s the time
When February’s Days are twenty-nine

As this famous nursery rhyme goes, this 2012, we are celebrating a leap year, where in one extra day is added in February every four years.

I think its wonderful to have something like this because its like an extra day to celebrate being alive 🙂

Addicted to Instagram

I just love using Instagram! As an avid photographer, its my favorite choice of medium to share my daily photos. I got more into it, especially when I started participating in the Photo A Day Challenge by FatMumSlim.

FatMumSlim shared in her blog tips for Instagram Users to create wonderful photos to share.

I honestly found it very useful and even as an avid user, there were still some things I haven’t yet discovered!

Happy shooting and sharing!

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100 Years of Coke: Commemorative Can

I am not an avid soda drinker (it contributes to me having insomnia) but I was happy to notice and chance upon the Coke 100 Years commemorative design on the Coke Zero can today during our presentation.

It had such a cute design so I had to take a picture.

Happy 100 years Coke!

Project 365: i <3 Mitzie! (Day 59)

Birthday girl!

All smiles for the birthday girl, Mitzie, as we had lunch this afternoon.

Book Review: The Best of Chico & Delamar’s The Morning Rush Top 10

As an avid music fan, its only natural that I listen to the radio. I usually listen in the car as I drive to and from places whether its for work, doing errands or simply taking a road trip to places.

One of my weekday habits is listening to the Morning Rush, the morning show on Monster Radio RX 93.1. This program run’s from 6-10am from Mondays to Fridays and is currently hosted by Chico Garcia, Delamar Arias and Gino Quillamor.

Originally hosted by Chico and Delamar, the Morning Rush is one of the most popular radio programs on the FM band. This is mostly due to the witty banter between the two hosts (and now 3) and their funny band of followers called the Rushers.

One of the most popular segments is the Top 10, where in a topic for the day is selected by the hosts (either they come up with in themselves or listener-generated) depending on the mood of the day, and listeners text in, message or tweet their responses. The top 10 responses are selected every hour and read on air. The answers are usually very funny and sends the hosts giggling into their microphones.

After years of doing the segment, they finally came out with a book called The Best of Chico and Delamar’s The Morning Rush Top 10, a compilation of their most popular top 10 topics and responses over the years.

I got my copy as shortly after getting together with my college friends one night and we read off entries to one another while hanging out in our friend’s condo unit. We were just laughing and laughing and I knew I had to get my own copy.

The book is a very light read and you can finish it in a few hours, but since you keep on laughing, it takes longer than the usual to finish. I had to put the put down several times because I just kept on laughing at the entries. Its a great gift to give out and great to share it with friends while you are just hanging out somewhere as the entries just crack me up. A lot of the entries are contributed by the regular listeners and these are just some of the wittiest and funniest people!

The book has been such as a success that it has made National Bookstore’s Top 10 Best Sellers for many weeks now, and has actually been known to be out of stock in some branches. The book is currently being reprinted by its publisher Summit Media. Its that popular.

Chico and Del have finished their book tour this month, with fans coming in droves to have their books signed. I have yet to have mine signed (paging DJ Jolly Estaris).

I hope there’ll be a book two coming out!

The books are available primarily at National Bookstore branches.