Movie Review: Brave

Meet Princess Merida, a spirit young Scottish princess who craves adventure and freedom. In a land where legends were lessons and magic was everywhere, she grows up with a rigid mother who teaches her the values of her people. When of age, tradition says she is to marry the eldest son from one of the four tribes of their kingdom. She defies ancient tradition by shooting for her own hand in marriage, and later breaks the family tapestry in anger with her mother. After running away, she encounters a witch where she bargains her for a spell that would change her faith forever.

In tradition with the Disney history of fairy tale movies, Pixar delivers another great story. Although it has very much not your typical Disney princess movie (it has no love story), the movie has the same heart and values that kids, especially young girls, can learn from.

My only comment is that it wasn’t unexpected. The story wasn’t as groundbreaking as Toy Story or Finding Nemo, but interesting enough with its rich legends and unexpected twists that kept everyone’s attention on the movie.

Its a great story to share to the kids.


Movie Review: Magic Mike

Meet Magic Mike (Channing Tatum), a construction worker by day and a stripper by night. His world turns upside down when he meets Adam (Alex Pettyfer) at his day job and recruits him to join his merryband of male strippers (Matt Bromer, Joe Manganiello, Kevin Nash and Adam Rodriguez) at Xquisite, a club owned by Dallas (Matthew McConaughey). Despite making money and having the time of his life at the club, deep down, Mike wants to pursue his own dreams of becoming a furniture designer. Dreams get complicated when Dallas sets his plans to move the club to Miami and Adam gets into deeper trouble with drug dealers and other complications.

Probably the most entertaining movie I’ve seen so far this year! And I think girls out there would agree. What can you do when you’ve got 6 (well, 7 if you include Matthew) hot men stripping and gyrating their bodies? It sent audiences, especially the ladies, laughing our heads off.

I am astounded by Channing Tatum’s prowess on the dance floor, since I haven’t watched his break out movie Step Up. And in fact, the movie is based on his life before as a stripper before he was discovered. Alex Pettyfer was highly noticable in this role, far more than his other movies like I am Number 4. I thought Matthew McConoughey was just perfect to play pimp daddy Dallas, as he worked up his wit and Texan charm. I was disappointed that Matt Bomer and Joe Manganiello didn’t get more airtime in the film.

Its not exactly an art film with a deep meaning, not does it have the best storyline but the film was pure fun and entertainment! Perfect for a girls night out!

Here’s a little teaser for you all:

Rest in Peace, Manong Dolphy!

Rodolfo Vera Quizon, 83

No Filipino has not heard the name Dolphy, who has reigned the Philippine entertainment scene as the King of Comedy. Sadly this evening, the man who brought laughter into the lives of the Filipinos, has passed away.

Over the past few weeks, Manong Dolphy has been in critical condition due to his lungs and has been confined in the Makati Medical Center. He is survived by his long time partner, singer-actress ZsaZsa Padilla and his 18 recognized children. He was 83.

Celebrities have took to twitter and other forms of social media to offer their condolences, prayers and fond memories to the Comedy King.

He will greatly be remembered for his roles like John Puruntong and Kevin Cosme in this long running comedy sitcoms John en Marsha and Home Along Da Riles.

Rest in peace, Manong Dolphy! You will be missed greatly!

No More TomKat!

The world is a buzz about the news that powerhouse couple Tom Cruise and his wife of five years Katie Holmes have decided to split.

I am sad to see this couple separate! They have the cutest off spring and I like how they were together.

Movie Review: Kimmy Dora and The Temple of Kiyeme

Our favorite twins our back! Following the success of the first movie, the Go Dong Hae twins Kimmy and Dora are off on another adventure and this time to the land of their ancestors, in beautiful South Korea.

To those unfamiliar with the series, the story revolves around twin girls Kimmy and Dora Go Dong Hae, heiresses to one of the richest families in the Philippines. Kimmy (Eugene Domingo) is a the older one, with Type A personality, and runs the family business as CEO. Dora (Eugene Domingo) is the younger of the two and has some form of autism, but is well loved because of her good heart.

Together with their father Luisito Go Dong Hae (Ariel Ureta), they visited their ancestors in South Korea and to meet with thier business partners, the Kangs. Unbeknownst to them, the two families have arranged a marriage between the children of both families. Kimmy’s boyfriend Barry (Zanjoe Marudo) has just proposed and so did Dora’s boyfriend Johnson (Dingdong Dantes).

Little did they know that in doing so, their father’s past will come back to haunt them.

The story, in true Kimmy Dora and Eugene Domingo form, is a barrel of laughs. Eugene is a riot playing completely opposite roles. However, content wise, the movie lacked the wit and freshness it had in the first movie. The characters were predictable already, and although there were some funny moments, the humor wasn’t sustaining as before. And also the plot took a major twist into horror, although the special effects were passable, I wished there be more comedy/drama like the first movie, and a little more oomph to the story.

Although a lot of the major cast came back in the movie, there were also a lot of cameos from other big stars, including the Queen of All Media Kris Aquino as herself. I found myself trying to guess which celebrity will be appearing next.

The movie is still pure entertainment and I am still a staunch supporter of Filipino films so I encourage everyone to come see this movie!

Project 365: I <3 Men In Black! (Day 144)

Watched Men In Black 3 with the siblings at Rockwell Mall brought to you by Studio 23, Bonakid Choco Boost and Rebisco Choco Pie.

Movie Review: Men in Black 3

Fourteen years after they saved the world, Agent K (Tommy Lee Jones) and J (Will Smith) are off to same the world, and this time from the most sinister alien in the Universe, Boris the Animal. This alien destroyer escapes from LunarMax prison to seek revenge on Agent K who put him in jail forty years ago. He travels back in time to finish the job, and its up to Agent J to also travel back to 1969 to rewrite history.

The film brings me back to nostalgic 90s where the first movie became a hit. I missed the black suits, the oakley shades and the little memory eraser sticks. The aliens are still the same and the weapons are still furturistic.

The film was actually short and didn’t have that much action unlike the previous two movies. It was more focused on the story line and relationship between the two agents. Here we see a different side of Agent K, where he’s usually still and no nonsense. Agent J is still the loud mouthed and funny, which provides comic relief most of the time.

The movie might be a disappointment to some of the fans but I found it enjoyable. It was a good transition from the last movie and I didn’t find myself trying too hard to remember the older movies. Its something the younger kids would enjoy.

My Kind Of Boyband

Take that BSB, NSync, One Direction, Westlife, this is the ultimate boyband!