Project 365: I <3 Anti-Gravity Yoga! (Day 121)

Its my first time to try Anti-Gravity Yoga! Thanks Mia for keeping me company and for encouraging me during the poses!


Happy First Wedding Anniversary William and Kate!

My favorite royal and celebrity couple – The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge celebrates their first wedding anniversary today! I still remember being glued to the TV set in the office watching the royal wedding live on television, gushing over Kate’s gown, the glitzy English royalty and all its pomp and circumstance. Definitely every girl’s princess wedding 🙂

TV Guide: The Voice Quarterfinals (Team Adam)

Now onto Team Adam.


I will begin with person with the top votes that America saved. Then to the judges’ save. Then the two eliminated contestants (first being the one with last chance, the last being the one automatically eliminated).

Tony Lucca

  • Song: Hit Me Baby One More Time
  • Remarks: Super good move by Adam and Tony to deal with past straight in the face by doing his fellow Mouseketeer Britney Spears’ first big hit, and turning it into his very own. I was beginning to get worried that he was getting too dated in his last performance but he was lucky to have sailed through this round. I think Adam is really holding on to him as one of his best bets for the team that’s why he went to extreme lengths (like listening to Christina).
  • Personal Vote: For Saving
  • Result: Semi-Finalist

Katrina Parker

  • Song: Jar Of Hearts
  • Remarks: I really thought this was an Adele song, but it was a Christina Perri song! She did such a good job and it was such a pleasant to listen to. I am so glad decided to save her. It was a very Adele-ish performance, but its Katrina Parker through and through.
  • Personal Vote: For Saving
  • Result: Safe

  • Song: Perfect
  • Remarks: I just love her. I am so glad Adam saved her once again becuase she has one of the most powerful and easy to listen to voice on the performance.
  • Personal Vote: For Saving
  • Result: Semi-Finalist


  • Song: I’m Like A Bird
  • Remarks: I think this was a very safe choice for Mathai because she has the same style and vocal range as Nelly Furtado so it didn’t quite show her uniqueness. But she had very good vocals on the song.
  • Personal Vote: For Saving
  • Result: Safe

  • Song: Cowboy Casanova
  • Remarks: She’s back to her sassyness, and I think her vocals are just spot on. But Christina remarked Mathai’s lack of connection with her songs, which has been her problem for some time now. She sang great but I think Adam is looking for power, someone to beat up the other team’s final two, and Katrina is just that person.
  • Personal Vote: For Elimination
  • Result: Eliminated


  • Song: Somewhere Only We Know
  • Remarks: Pip was a disappointment for this week. As much as I liked Pip’s vocal ability and the song, they just didn’t match, making him have a weak and pitchy performance.
  • Personal Vote: For Elimination
  • Result: Eliminated

So far, Adam’s been spot on with his choice. He correctly picked Pip to be eliminated because of his poor performance. Pip is also risky to have because Katrina and Tony are his best performers and he would definitely get the ladies’ votes.

So far I agree with the coaches Adam and CeeLo this week on their choices.

TV Guide: The Voice Quarter-Finals (Team CeeLo)

The following week its teams from Adam and CeeLo for the live show quarter finals. To me, these groups have really stepped up their game knowing how the competition will go.

Let’s start of with Team CeeLo:


I will begin with person with the top votes that America saved. Then to the judges’ save. Then the two eliminated contestants (first being the one with last chance, the last being the one automatically eliminated).

Jamar Rogers

  • Song: It’s My Life
  • Remarks: Jamar has just this powerful voice and youthful charm that makes him the contestant to beat for Team CeeLo. I like his song choice, which is a rock anthem and it shows the power and versatility of his voice. Its also the best song to pick in this stage of the competition. There were some pitch problems, but he really set the night going.
  • Personal Vote: For Saving
  • Result: Semi-Finalist

Juliet Simms

  • Song: Cryin’
  • Remarks: I swear Juliet Simms gets better and prettier with each performance. I am loving the gothic fallen angel look and her rendition of Aerosmith’s classic 90s anthem.
  • Personal Vote: For Saving
  • Result: Safe

  • Song: Torn
  • Remarks: I like this softer but still edgy side of Juliet. But I prefer the rocked-out over the top version. She is my strongest contender for Team Ceelo, and I personally think that America should have voted for this one as the best for Team Ceelo. Although Cheese put up a good fight for the last chance, if I were CeeLo, I definitely would have picked Juliet for her powerful and unique vocals.
  • Personal Vote: For Saving
  • Result: Semi-Finalist


  • Song: I Have Nothing
  • Remarks: I am a bit biased because this has been typically done – Filipina singing Whitney Houston (think Jessica Sanchez and Charice Pempengco). Although she did a wonderful and flawless rendition, there is till no uniqueness to her voice that will make me consider her twice over other contestants.
  • Personal Vote: For Elimination
  • Result: Safe

  • Song: Already Gone
  • Remarks: Oh no. Too late. This is actually the first time that I actually heard some variety to her vocals that makes Cheesa unique.
  • Personal Vote: For Elimination
  • Result: Eliminated

James Massone

  • Song: Just The Way You Are
  • Remarks: James has just this smooth sweet voice that reminds of members of boybands. No wonder this cutie has the way with this ladies. I agree though with Christina and Blake that this was the wrong choice this time in the competition. I think CeeLo has an over all plan. He knows James will win for the votes, but isn’t his most prized artist on the team. I think he’s been saving his top two slots for Jamar and Juliet. Between James and Cheesa, Cheesa is most likely to have lesser votes than Jamar and Juliet and won’t take top spot, unlike James who might win at the votes and Ceelo will be forced to eliminate on of his two winner contestants. James’ wrong song choice is just the reason Ceelo needs to eliminate him. Just a thought. Because that’s what I would have done, too.
  • Personal Vote: For Saving
  • Result: Eliminated

The Story So Far: The Kilig Files


A short sweet entry.

After 5 years, someone is chatting with me again. I know this is not supposed to be a big deal, but I couldn’t just help it. I’m feeling that old feeling again. Butterflies in the tummy, big smile on my face.

Even after 5 years.

I am secretly pleased that somebody is still keeping tabs on me.

Its a nice feeling.

Even if its just for a little while.

Here’s a song for you:

Project 365: I <3 orange nail polish! (Day 120)

Since orange has now become my favorite summer color of the year, I decided to get my nails done in a nice orange color. Dark orange for my feet and light orange for my hands 🙂

Project 365: I <3 Facials! :) (Day 119)

I decided to give my skin some pampering by heading to my dermatologist for a facial. This is their newly opened beauty clinic and I tried their facial and for the first time, got a diamond peel.

Good news was that she told me I had not much blackheads on my face – a big difference from before!

Project 365: I <3 Tiffanys! (Day 118)

I just love their signature blue box and satin white ribbon. Its so easy to recognize! Got a necklace from Tiffany’s from my ninang. 🙂

Thinspiration: April 27


Its Friday and I’m so looking forward to the weekend! I’ve forgone my gym time today in favor of sleeping in due to a late night.

It was a weird day for food and eating.

Today I ate white rice. And twice at that :/

I started with a heavy breakfast of rice, danggit (cured salted fish) and egg. It was just too good to pass up and I haven’t had danggit in ages! Only one serving of rice!

For lunch, I was actually full from my breakfast and was suffering from a queasy stomach so I just got this breakfast sandwich from Bistro Deli at our food court in the building. Although I brought some mashed sweet potatoes and left over steamed chicken, I couldn’t bring myself to eat it without fear of making my stomach worse.

I got through lunch without incident for the rest of the day. In celebration of Sir Miko’s birthday (one of the bosses), he treated the whole sales and traffic to pizza. I ate two slices of pizza and stopped myself from getting more.

I was home early and ate dinner at home. I got my left over chicken and ate it with chopsuey and some hoisin sauce for flavor over rice.

And after that I indulged a little (because it was too hot) with some spoonfuls of Chowking Halo-halo for dessert and three spoons of Nutella.

I admit that towards the weekend, I was less and less conscious and it was like I was making up for those that I missed during the week (like eating rice, indulging on sweets). My fruit intake was also lessened by the end of the week as well.

Some lessons learned:

  • Research on some variety of foods so there won’t be a saturation point
  • Self-control when it comes to portions and servings eaten
  • Eat slowly