Thinspiraration: TRA Week 3

I completed my week 3 of the TRA program last Sunday. Due to the heavy rains last Sat, our TRA Class 2 was cancelled and instead became a Skype call, with my very own friend and mentor Kristine leading the class.

Just a little background, Kristine was my blockmate in college. Although we ran different groups, I considered Tin to be a very good friend since we were both active in college politics and had a lot of classes together.

When we were in college, Tin lost a lot of her baby fat due to diet and exercise. However, when we started working and when she had a baby, she gained a lot of weight and it placed her in a precarious position when she was about to give birth. She developed hypertension, which caused her to undergo emergency caesarian.

This is her weight loss journey:

7 years off my body age.
4 inches off my waist.
3 levels down the killer visceral fat.
20 lbs off the scale, 11 lbs of which is fat.

All in 3 months without starving and exercise. 🙂

It was this testimonial that made me join the program for a healthier me.

Class 2 taught us proper nutrition such as the proper classification of foods (did you know cherry tomatoes are fruits, while tomatoes are veggies; corn is carbs but baby corn is veggies); right proportions; healthy ways of preparing food; tips on how to decipher nutrition labels; healthy food choices; etc.

Although I was already in my 3rd week, 2 weeks ahead of my classmates, Tin gave some tips in advance and with my diligent posting of photos on our FB groups, the other coaches were able to point out to me the proper way of eating. The class was still an eye-opener and got so much tips.

But here’s the real test on my result:

  • Weight: increased by .1
  • Body Fat Weight and Percentage: lost 1 kg and 1% respectively
  • Body age: decreased by 1
  • BMI: same – bordering normal-obesity
  • increased resting metabolism
  • Visceral Fat: same – normal
  • Subcutaneous Fat: Decreased by 1kg
  • Skeletal Muscle: Increased by 1kg

Over-all the results are very good and right on track. The weight usually depends on the time of day or if you just ate a meal (which was my case since I had lunch less than 2 hours before). I am crediting this result due to increased strength training from AGY Flying Fitness and the CrossFit trial last week and more conscious choices with regards to my food choices like fresh fruits and veggies, properly cooked meals and avoiding as much as possible fatty foods.

My goals for the week is to: further decrease my weight, body fat – subcutaneous and visceral fat and increase skeletal muscle.

  • Weight: decrease by 2 kg
  • Body Fat: decrease By 2 kg
  • Subcutaneous: decrease By 2 kg
  • Visceral: decrease By 1 pt
  • Muscle: Increase by 1 pt

Over all, I am really getting the hang of this and really conscious to buy good food like fresh veggies and fruits. I noticed I also watch how I eat, like now I eat 10 minutes longer giving time for me to chew my food and eat it properly. I also noticed how it affected my work-outs as now I go deeper into my yoga poses for bikram and can go longer and jump higher with my AGY. My coaches and teachers also noticed it. I also like to admire myself in the mirror as I can see my waist shrink and my thighs grew smaller.


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