Thinspiration: TRA Week 2

Like any other long term program, there are ups and downs. I found the 2nd week more challenging than the first week because I became active in the facebook groups of our batch and the coaches had so many tips and advise that I had to do some adjustments to what I ate.

My biggest adjustment was eating the fruit first because normally, I don’t eat fruits and usually its after. On my first day to do this sequence, I felt so bloated and full after each meal so the next day I cut it in half. I got comments from the coaches about it but I explained that I was adjusting lang and the very next day got back to eating full portions of fruit.

It was strange to have coaches commenting on what you eat, but I reminded myself that this what I signed up for to have a system for my fitness plan and the coaches are there to keep me in check with my eating habits and give pointers. They don’t actually scold you or tell you not to eat this or that, so it makes you conscious of what to eat because you will be posting it soon for them to comment.

This was also the week I had my first class, and they gave us lots of tips for beginners as some of my batchmates haven’t started the program yet.

Some things I’ve learned this week:

  • Bring fruit and/or veggies when eating out as more often than not you might end up in a place where they don’t serve these two items. Protein and Carbs are more common.
  • Mixing the trimshake properly can make a big difference. I am not so gassy anymore after drinking it.
  • Eat in this order: Fruit, veggie and protein + carbs

I weighed myself last sat to get my Karada scan results and the results were:

  • lost 4 lbs (2 kg)
  • lower BMI (almost at normal range, just a few numbers to shed)
  • retained visceral body fat at 6
  • lowered body age
  • lowered body fat weight
  • slightly decreased total subcutaneous fat (but increased in some areas), slightly lowered total skeletal muscle



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