Who Rox the World?

Welcome to my world!

  • I am a 20 something certified chocoholic living in the heart of MNL.
  • I am an avid traveler who dreams of going to tour Europe one day and live in New York.
  • I am a recent The Voice addict because I love Adam Levine very much.
  • I am an avid sports fan and a staunch supporter of the Philippine Azkals.
  • I am a shutterbug who takes photos all the time.
  • I am a foodie who loves to search for the best places to eat in town.
  • I am newly converted running enthusiast and regular gym goer.
  • I enjoy good music and always love to see musicians live.
  • I am a techie fan and my current new love is my phone.
  • I secretly dream of becoming a top model.
  • I am an account executive by day and work for the biggest media network in the country.

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