Happy 300!

Happy 300th Post!

Wow! The first Quarter of the year has passed and its only fitting to end it with my 300th post!

I am quite proud of this achievement as I never thought I would have reached 300! My last blog ended with 292 posts so I am glad to have surpassed that goal 🙂

Stay tuned for more and looking forward to the next hundred posts!


Project 365: March 2012 Recap

Wow! Another month has gone by and another 31 photos down for the books 🙂

Here’s a recap of what happened in March 🙂

Project 365: I <3 Earth Hour (Day 91)

Its lights off at hour house for Earth Hour!!! Hence the blurry pic. 🙂

Project 365: I <3 Bedtime Stories! (Day 90)

Cold rainy nights are perfect times to curl up with a book 🙂 On to the 2nd book of the Hunger Games trilogy 🙂

Project 365: I <3 McDonald's! (Day 89)

There’s a new McDonald’s branch opening right across the street. We can see it clearly outside my boss’ cubicle. Tempting!!!

Project 365: I <3 Fire Drills! (Day 88)

Got caught in the middle of a fire drill while heading towards a presentation in Piccadilly Building at the Fort.

Project 365: I <3 R.O.X. (Day 87)

A store named after me! Its the best place for sporty and outdoor equipment in the metro and I visitied to get some stuff for running 🙂

Project 365: I <3 My Angels (Day 86)

Our first get together with the angels at Chef Laudico c/o Doc Stella. Chef Laudico was also gracious to come by our table 🙂

Lights off for Earth Hour 2012!

In Manila, we just concluded Earth Hour, where in we switch off all the lights for one hour. Manila has been an active participant for a couple of years now and its the first time I’m celebrating it at home.

There are a couple of festivities around the country to celebrate Earth Hour, with Ayala Triangle as the hub for Luzon, Cebu City Plaza for Visayas and SM Davao for Mindanao. Over 1,000 municipalities have participated and is hoping to break last year’s record.

As for me, our family turned off the lights in the house and stayed in darkness for an hour. I opted to do a jog around the village to pass the time.

Happy Earth Hour!

TV Guide: The Voice Battle Round 4

Its the final round of battles after four weeks and we’re down to the final 12 contestants vying for the last six spots for our live shows.

I got to watch the entire episode and I was a little disappointed at the last remaining battles. The remaining contestants and performances weren’t up to par as the last few and I noticed that there were clear winners in most of the rounds.

James Massone vs WADE

  • Song: True Colors
  • Team: CeeLo
  • Coaches: James – Ne-Yo, WADE – Babyface
  • Remarks: I am not a fan of both guys, but James delivered a solid performance and his over-all performance was better than his opponent. WADE was a bit forgettable at times and I didn’t hear his voice come out that much.
  • Personal Vote: James
  • Winner: James

Nicole Galyon vs Mathai

  • Song: Love Song
  • Team: Adam
  • Coaches: Nicole – Robin Thicke, Mathai – Alanis Morissette
  • Remarks: Nicole delivers a clear performance and her voice is smooth and cool. For Mathai, I couldn’t understand some of her words because of the way she sings but she has more personality and character than Nicole. Both girls did solid performance but not really wow.
  • Personal Vote: Mathai
  • Winner: Mathai

The Line vs Moses Stone

  • Song: Satisfaction
  • Team: Christina
  • Coaches: Moses – Lionel Richie, The Line – Jewel
  • Remarks: The most interesting battle to date, we’ve got Hiphop/Rap vs Country! It was a fun and upbeat performance but Moses really stole the show and wasn’t intimidated that he battled a duet. The Line looked really stiff but their harmonizing voices were great and they almost looked like back-up singers for Moses. I personally liked Leland of the Line because he had more personality than Haley.
  • Personal Vote: Leland of The Line (hahaha)
  • Winner: Moses

Karla Davis vs Orlando Napier

  • Song: Easy
  • Team: Adam
  • Coaches: Karla – Alanis Morissette, Orlando – Robin Thicke
  • Remarks: I’ve always liked the ease and comfort this song brings, and both Orlando and Karla brought that ease and homey feeling to the song in their performances. They both have good voices, and their performances great. I was leaning more towards Orlando’s smooth soulful voice just for this song.
  • Personal Vote: Orlando
  • Winner: Karla

Naia Kete vs Jordan Ranger

  • Song: I’m Yours
  • Team: Blake
  • Coaches: Jordan – Miranda Lambert, Naia Kete – Kelly Clarkson
  • Remarks: This song is Naia’s own personal style so her voice was just perfect for this song. But I’ve got to give props to Jordan for taking it like a man and practicing hard and giving Naia a battle. I actually find his voice really good – strong, smooth and clear. This kid has a good singing future in his hands.
  • Personal Vote: Naia
  • Winner: Naia

Tony Vincent vs Justin Hopkins

  • Song: Faithfully
  • Team: CeeLo
  • Coaches: Tony – Babyface, Justin – Ne-Yo
  • Remarks: I am seriously pissed at CeeLo for putting these two together as they are both very good! I favored both during the blind auditions, and I can see them easily winning battles if they were paired with somebody else. But no, these two good ones had to face head on, and one has to go. Tony has a strong well-trained voice from years in Broadway and he knows how to command the stage. Justin has a raw gritty voice that is just a pleasure to listen to. I also like his personality.
  • Personal Vote: BOTH
  • Winner: Tony