The Story So Far: January Comes To An End

It seems like only yesterday when I launched this new blog for the new year and now one month has gone – one chapter of 2012 has been written.

So far, I have been thoroughly enjoying this blogging experience the second time around as I’m not limiting myself on what to write and what to feature. I’ve gone from my favorite sports, to restaurants, to movie reviews and the like. I have yet (again) to write something deep but why force myself to do one when I just don’t feel the need to write one yet? The time will come.

Since my last personal update, I am extremely glad that my viewership has picked up with more people following my blog and liking my entries. It helped that I joined tumblr and used it as a medium to promote my blog as it attracted more viewers to read. A sincere thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking the time to read and hope I can help you out in my own little way.

January has been in some parts slow. I guess, this is due to the fact it has been also quite slow moving at work. After a flurry of presentations and inquiries early in the month, things rather slowed towards the end, for the past few weeks. We are also on a transition month as we are about to go back to our old stations at work, which is a much lighter responsibility. My wistfulness for leaving my other teammates have waned as we are focused on our responsibilities for the kids platform and long-tail. Yet worry has also set in as we are off to a slow start this year.

Outside of work has been more lively as I’ve participated in more social gatherings this month, like a spill over from the December get togethers. I am happy to have spent ample time with each group of friends this month. I’ve seen movies, a concert, attend a wedding, gone out of town, and the like.

And yet one cannot help but feel restless as it seems these things have already been routine. Not that I am complaining, as I love what I am doing and what is going on around me and I am thankful that I have all these opportunities to enjoy and spend time with my friends, but a huge part of me is looking for something more.

I have yet the remainder of the year to see how I can expand my horizons. I am looking forward to my travels this first quarter and other adventures that will be waiting for me.

Thanks again for taking the time these first 31 days. See you all in February. 🙂


Food Trip: Jamba Juice


I stopped by Bonifacio High Street to pick-up my race kit for the Condura Skyway Run. Since it was late in the afternoon, I popped by Jamba Juice to grab myself a late afternoon snack.

Jamba Juice opened late last year in Manila in the new wing of the Bonifacio High Street complex in Bonifacio Global City. It was the first restaurant to open in that new area of the popular food and shopping strip in Taguig.

I’ve heard of Jamba Juice as far back in 2008 when I visited my aunt in New York but never got to try it. The Manila branch is the first in South East Asia and opened last November 11, 2011.

Jamba Juice is well known for its fruit smoothies and juices made out of the freshest ingredients, and also offer some healthy snacks as well. You can even “boost” up your drinks with shots of energy or immunity.

The place is bright and airy, perfect to hang out with friends after a hard day. Its a fun place to go to as they also offer a giant photobooth where you can take pictures while waiting, and can be sent immediately after to your email.

This was taken during my first time to go there last December 19, 2011 with my friends Mimi, Cheson and Sitti after our Christmas dinner.

This is my second time to go to the store and like the first time, it wasn’t so crowded. I’m not too sure how it is on Saturday nights but I’m sure it’s pretty packed.

This is my order for today:

I got a medium Strawberry Wild smoothie made with strawberries, bananas, apple-strawberry juice, non-fat frozen yoghurt and a shot of immunity, and a parmesan pretzel to go.

I loved my smoothie right away! It wasn’t like other smoothies or shakes where you drink more ice than the fruit or juice. As you can see there is still more juice you can sip. And I can taste the different flavors of the strawberries, bananas and apples, and the hint of yoghurt.

Just the smell alone makes my mouth water. This pretzel smells so good! Served warm, this is a good snack to accompany my shake. Thankfully the bread was soft this time so I appreciated it better than the last time I ate this.

I always enjoy a good smoothie, however Jamba Juice had quite the wrong timing in opening their store during the cold and rainy season and in the middle of the milk tea craze. Their prices are also expensive at P155 for the medium drink, where as milk teas only cost P100 or less at the same size.

But let’s see how it’ll do this summer as this could be a good alternative to the almost-saturated milk tea market.

Project 365: I <3 Healthy Shakes! (Day 31)

Jamba Juice!

I was in the Bonifacio High Street area this afternoon to pick-up my race kit so I decided to drop by Jamba Juice to get some of their yummy shakes and a healthy snack.

All set for Condura Sky Way Marathon!

I got my Condura Marathon kit today from Riovana in the fort so I’m all set for this Sunday’s race! My first 10k and my first race of the year.

The race kit includes a shirt, race number and D-tag.

The run is on Sunday, Feb 5, 2012. I am kinda nervous because this is 10k, 2x my normal run. I pray that I will be able to finish!

It’s Showtime!!!

Coming this February 6, on ABS-CBN! 🙂

Movie Review: Journey 2: The Mysterious Island


This is the my second movie for 2012 and the second sequel I have watched without having watched the first movie. But my first of many 3D movies to come.

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson returns as Hank Parsons who accompanies his stepson Sean Anderson (Josh Hutcherson) to what legend says as The Mysterious Island from the Jules Verne classic novel.

They begin their journey after cracking a code from a mysterious radio signal, in which Sean is convinced is from his paternal grandfather Alexander Anderson (Michael Caine). They head to the island of Palau where they meet helicopter tour guide Gabato (Luis Guzman) and his daughter Kailani (Vanessa Hudgens) who take them to the island’s location.

After crash landing into the island, they meet up with Alexander and are amazed by the beauty of the island which held the lost city of Atlantis. Their happiness is cut short as they discover the island is about to sink, leading them to a race against against time to get out.

The movie was enjoyable as I laughed at the witty banters between The Rock and Michael Caine. The special effects was really good and the shots on the island were indeed astounding to see.

However it all ends there as the movie lacked more thrilling action sequences and mystery. Every problem was solved quickly that it barely gave you time to think and get caught up in suspense. The action parts were predictable and lacklustered, not giving that edge of your seat vibe.

Over all, it was a good enough movie for a few hours to sit back and enjoy, but I was thankful I watched it for free.

Project 365: I <3 3D Movies (Day 30)

Studio 23 had its first movie premiere of the year and it was Journey 2: The Mysterious Island at Rockwell Power Plant Mall. I just love 3D movies and wearing those funky 3D glasses 🙂

Inspirations: Robert Downey, Jr

Robert Downey Jr

One of my favorite actors of all time! I’ve liked him since his then romantic comedy hits Chances Are and Only You. He had a troubling past with drug abuse, but made a great comeback into the limelight playing Tony Stark in IronMan.