Thinspiration: Day 14-15

I’m on the half-way mark of my first month and here we go:

DAY 14


Apple, Open Palm of Carrots, Wheat Bread, and Grilled Chicken


Apple, Salad, Pasta with Meat Sauce, and Fish Fillet

Luckily my tita Alice served a compliant menu for her lunch treat for us.


Trimshake, Apple, Veggies from the pancit and fish fillet, pancit noodles and fish fillet.

I raised the question to the coaches what to do when you are at a party and they didn’t serve a 3333 compliant meal. I didn’t expect that my uncle wouldn’t serve any veggies (or maybe I should’ve) so I wasn’t really able to comply to my veggie count (and instead added more). Tin suggested to eat the fruits and veggies before going there just in case so you can complete the carb and protein requirement at the party.

Result: 3 fruits, 3 veggies, 4 carbs, 4 protein

DAY 15


Apple, Veggie Soup, Bread and Grilled Chicken


Apple, Mongolian Rice Bowl – with palm of rice, open hand veggies and fist of meat


Trimshake, Open Palm of Soup and Orange

Others: 2 okay sized putos, 1 stick pork bbq (for merienda) and 1 okay sized custaroon for desser

For the dinner, the coaches commented on the amount of food I have eaten and it was suggested I up the ante on veggies.

Result: 3 fruits, 3 veggies, 3 carbs, 3 protein + 75 mins of AGY



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