Project 365: i <3 videoke! (Day 41)

Videoke night with the girls!

Food Trip: Patio Carlito


I’ve already written a couple of entries about various restaurants in the Tomas Morato area in Quezon City. As someone who goes to work near the area, I couldn’t help but write more about these places since they are the most accessible.

Its fortunate that our office is near that area so there is a wide array of choices to host functions for clients – internal and external – without the hassle of traffic. And one of these choices is Patio Carlito which is located just across the office, along Eugenio Lopez Drive.

Our team held a planning session for our 2012 plans and goals, and wanted to do it outside the office but within the vicinity. Patio Carlito was the perfect place to hold it. Patio Carlito is divided into the Patio Carlito restaurant on the left and White House on the 84th bar, to the right. The restaurant offers a more relaxed atmosphere with its white and glass walls and 60s decorations, while the bar is more dark and smokey. Its often frequented at night where a live band or singer performs to avid patrons.

Patio Carlito has a couple of function rooms perfect to meet the whole day. They were able to set-up the room according to our preferences, complete with desks and a place to use a projector. Coupled with good food, what more can you ask for?

Patio Carlito offers Filipino specialties straight from the kitchens of the Magdaluyo family, the owners of Patio Carlitos. The place was named after the family patriarch Carlito Magadaluyo.

Since I was in charge of ordering I made sure we had a wide variety to satisfy everyone’s palate. I ordered for starters pesang dalag sa miso (mudfish cooked in miso broth), and for the main course beef salpicao, kare-kare (meat and vegetables cooked with peanut sauce and served with bagoong, a salted fish dish), cuchinillo (roasted suckling pig), munggo soup, adobong kangkong (kangkong cooked in vinegar and soy sauce), pinakbet (an assorted vegetable dish cooked in coconut milk), and topped with adobo rice.

Pesang Dalag sa Miso



Adobo Rice

The food was really good and we enjoyed it a lot. But it was so many that a lot ended up as take-home for later.

Everyone in the group had a sweet tooth so we also ordered dessert, and Patio Carlitos also offered a good array of Filipino desserts. We ordered leche flan with Dalandan, frozen Brazo de Mercedes and suman with chocolate latik.


Leche Flan

The desserts were clear winners and the suman got raves even from our boss, Sir March!

We had a great time together just laughing and in fairness, got a lot of work done. And even as we presented to Sir March, he congratulated us on a job well done.

Patio Carlito is relatively within price range for Filipino restaurants where in dishes are at P300-P400 a dish which can be shared by a group of four. Its another good alternative for good filipino food in the area.