Project 365: i <3 curls (Day 146)

Thought I’d curl my hair today 🙂 Something different for today.

Project 365: I <3 Lipstick! (Day 145)

Bought these new shades of lipstick! A new tube of Viva Glam IV, Cosmo and Sheen Supreme in Tea Ceremony all from MAC 🙂

Project 365: I <3 orange nail polish! (Day 120)

Since orange has now become my favorite summer color of the year, I decided to get my nails done in a nice orange color. Dark orange for my feet and light orange for my hands 🙂

Project 365: I <3 Facials! :) (Day 119)

I decided to give my skin some pampering by heading to my dermatologist for a facial. This is their newly opened beauty clinic and I tried their facial and for the first time, got a diamond peel.

Good news was that she told me I had not much blackheads on my face – a big difference from before!

Fashion Police: Anne Curtis and Francis Libiran on ANTM

Great great news for fashionistas and big fans of America’s Next Top Model (like me!).

Filipino fashion is making its way into the international scene big time. Apart from dressing Hollywood celebrities on the red carpet, Filipino designers are also making its way into the fashion modeling scene.

For this season of ANTM, Filipina fashion icon Anne Curtis and top Filipino designer Francis Libiran will be showcased on the show. I am a fan of those two and am quite happy that Filipinos are really making their mark in the fashion industry.

Watch for it on the April 25 episode!

For full story, see here:

Curtis models Libiran on ‘America’s Next Top Model’ | ABS-CBN News.

The Story So Far: On Dieting (and Healthy Living)


I’ve been surfing the net for a couple of hours now looking at all the diet stuff that are out there on the market.

I guess this is coming from a reaction that:

  1. I think I ate too much today
  2. I had trouble fitting clothes while shopping and I noticed I was getting bigger sizes
  3. I hate the weight stated in my driver’s license
  4. It’s summer time and everyone is posting pictures in bikinis and in summer outfits (tight, bright and short)
  5. I could feel the folds on my midsection.

The first trimester of the year wasn’t at all helpful with the journey to lose 20 (yep, versus last year’s 10) pounds. January was filled with post-holiday get togethers (a spill-over from the December holidays), while February and March were my travel months. April is my birthday month so there were numerous celebrations to be booked. As you can see from my blog entries, all the restaurants I’ve been to and how much food I was inhaling. I was also sporadically going to the gym and running less so I am not able to burn up those unwanted enemies.

But I am determined to lose those pounds and get back to fighting form. I guess today was a wake-upper in the journey to fitness and health.

For the next six months, I am determined to keep fit and healthy for that sexy body. And with that, I am leaving this on my blog as a reminder.

  • Eat healthier – load up on fruits and vegetables, remove pork from diet and lessen sugar intake, eat good carbohydrates and lean meat
  • Exercise – return to the gym and work out 3x a week for one hour, try new forms exercises like yoga
  • Detox – to flush out harmful toxins and keep insides clean
  • Water – drink plenty of water to keep from dehydrating especially now during the summer heat wave

These are just some of the many things I’ve found in researching through diet plans. I have also been considering some diet programs as well to help me out as well and for long term.

One day I will be like this:

Looking forward to it 🙂

Project 365: I <3 new glasses! (Day 99)

Got myself some new frames for Easter and I just love it :))) matches my newly colored hair and the frames are not so heavy on the face.

The Beauty Book: Azta Urban Salon

Aside from my daily maintenance of shampoo and conditioner, I also seek professional service for my hair maintenance.

I paid a visit to my regular salon Azta Urban Salon a visit to have my hair colored and trimmed just in time for summer.

I’ve been going to this salon since it opened in 2005 in Metrowalk Complex. Since their flagship store closed a few years ago, I started to visit their Eastwood Citywalk branch and have been going there ever since.

I just love the salon, with its modern feel and homey atmosphere. The staff are always welcoming and friendly and its a lot cheaper than other salons, but delivers great service.

I needed to color my hair since my roots have been showing for some time now. Luckily my regular stylist Jojie was there to make sure my hair gets its regular treatment and match my color.

This is me before my hair color. Urk.

Jojie, and his assistant Chad, colored my hair a shade lighter than my old color to match my current hair color. Currently using Ash Brown, which is more natural brown and it shows up more on my regular dark brown hair than other colors.

After which I got a NouNou Treatment to condition my hair, and got a nice head and back massage while waiting for the treatment to set.

After a quick trim from Joji and a wash, my hair was blowdried for it to appear straight and shiny.

And voila! The finished product!!! I just love my hair and cut 🙂

For color maintenance, I purchased some LOreal color shampoo and conditioner to take care of my color and to avoid it fading.

Inspiration: Xian Lim

I haven’t posted an “Inspiration” entry in the longest time, so I think its time I post one and have someone local this time 🙂

Xian Lim

He became famous during his first television drama, My Binondo Girl, on ABS-CBN, and now he is practically everywhere on TV! I never really paid attention to him during that time as the show aired at the same time as the Azkals had really important matches, but looking at it now, this kid is really good looking and talented!

Catch him in his television commercials:

The Beauty Book: Human <3 Nature All Natural Spray Sanitizer

Living in an urban city, you couldn’t help get exposed to dirt and grime. And being constantly on the go, you sometimes don’t have time to look for a clean public toilet. And so I usually rely on anti-bacterial sanitizing products to keep me protected.

I am a hand sanitizer fan. I usually use it after eating or smoking to get rid of the smell. Since my usual brand can only be found abroad, I decided to give a 100% Filipino product a try.

I’ve been hearing about Human ❤ Nature products across the web and seeing it in grocery stores and various media in the city. I was curious, its got great packaging and found in leading grocery stores and top beauty stores in the country, but kept on thinking that this is a foreign brand. But imagine my surprise that its purely Filipino made brought to us by the good people behind the famous non-government organizations, Gawad Kalinga.

It is quite affordable. This handsanitizer costs around P67.75 (a little over $1) in the grocery stores and comes in a spray bottle, so there won’t make much of a mess inside your bag, and comes in a handy travel size for me to stick in my bag organizer and it take it wherever I go. The spray formula is easily absorbed and doesn’t leave sticky residue like some handgels. And it comes in a clean, citrusy scent that even kids like.

And the best thing about it, its 100% made with no harmful chemicals! That’s very good news for nature lovers and environmentalists. I am personally glad and support this advocacy.

For my foreign readers, I encourage you to try their products when you come visit. Please see their website: