Reprise – Call Me Maybe (The IT Barkada version)

The Philippines’ IT Barkada (group of friends) made up of models and celebrities Anne Curtis, Georgina Wilson, Solenn Heusaff, Liz Uy, and their posse came up with this fun version of Call Me Maybe by Carly Jepsen, and is now circling the cyberworld.

Project 365: I <3 Funny Signs! (Day 138)

I never thought I’d get to see a funny sign posted right in my house! 🙂

Movie Review: Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax

With its unveiling of its 100th Year Logo, Universal Pictures brings you Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax. This is a story about a boy named Ted (Zach Efron), who wants to impress the girl of his dreams, Audrey (Taylor Swift) by giving her a tree. The two live in a place called Thneedville where everything is artificial and you have to purchase clean air due to the smog surrounding the city. Ted’s grandmother (Betty White) tells him the story about the Once-ler (Ed Helms), the only person who can help his get a tree. Ted goes to meet the Once-ler outside the Thneedville, raising suspicion on billionaire Mr. O’Hare, the owner of O’Hare industries who manufactures clean air. The Once-ler tells his story that once upon a time there were trees in Thneedville, under the care of a grumpy and lovable guardian called the Lorax (Danny De Vitto). When the Once-ler was a young lad, he chanced upon the trees for a money making scheme but his greed and selfishness took over, breaking his promise to the Lorax to protect the trees. The Once-ler gives his last remaining seed to Ted in order to make a difference to the people of Thneedville.

The movie came as a big surprise to me. I was not familiar with the story from Dr. Seuss so I sat at the cinema with no expectations. And imagine my surprise to see a musical! It had song and dance numbers, like a broadway musical gone animation.

Dr Seuss’ The Lorax is a heart warming tale, with a great moral lesson to care for the environment, and done in a smooth execution into the story. It shows human compassion – a hero’s fall from grace and his hope that some day someone will care about a dream and will make it happen.

A must-see for adults and children a like. The kids will go wild over the beautiful colors, with trees looking like cotton candy, and the funny characters, while the adults will appreciate the adventure and the values the film gives. And this is also shown in 3D, which I prefer better, as animation really shows the magic of 3D.

A two thumbs up and certainly one of my favorite animation movies of the year.

Book Review: The Best of Chico & Delamar’s The Morning Rush Top 10

As an avid music fan, its only natural that I listen to the radio. I usually listen in the car as I drive to and from places whether its for work, doing errands or simply taking a road trip to places.

One of my weekday habits is listening to the Morning Rush, the morning show on Monster Radio RX 93.1. This program run’s from 6-10am from Mondays to Fridays and is currently hosted by Chico Garcia, Delamar Arias and Gino Quillamor.

Originally hosted by Chico and Delamar, the Morning Rush is one of the most popular radio programs on the FM band. This is mostly due to the witty banter between the two hosts (and now 3) and their funny band of followers called the Rushers.

One of the most popular segments is the Top 10, where in a topic for the day is selected by the hosts (either they come up with in themselves or listener-generated) depending on the mood of the day, and listeners text in, message or tweet their responses. The top 10 responses are selected every hour and read on air. The answers are usually very funny and sends the hosts giggling into their microphones.

After years of doing the segment, they finally came out with a book called The Best of Chico and Delamar’s The Morning Rush Top 10, a compilation of their most popular top 10 topics and responses over the years.

I got my copy as shortly after getting together with my college friends one night and we read off entries to one another while hanging out in our friend’s condo unit. We were just laughing and laughing and I knew I had to get my own copy.

The book is a very light read and you can finish it in a few hours, but since you keep on laughing, it takes longer than the usual to finish. I had to put the put down several times because I just kept on laughing at the entries. Its a great gift to give out and great to share it with friends while you are just hanging out somewhere as the entries just crack me up. A lot of the entries are contributed by the regular listeners and these are just some of the wittiest and funniest people!

The book has been such as a success that it has made National Bookstore’s Top 10 Best Sellers for many weeks now, and has actually been known to be out of stock in some branches. The book is currently being reprinted by its publisher Summit Media. Its that popular.

Chico and Del have finished their book tour this month, with fans coming in droves to have their books signed. I have yet to have mine signed (paging DJ Jolly Estaris).

I hope there’ll be a book two coming out!

The books are available primarily at National Bookstore branches.

The Sosyal Network

I came upon this yesterday on Twitter and laughed out loud when I saw the trending topics:

Trending at No. 5 is #PovedanProblems, a spin-off to the other trend #conyoproblems.

I got all nostaligic as I read all the tweets!

What are my top 10 #PovedanProblems during my day:

  1. How do I finish my IWs in 1 night?
  2. How do you slip past Mang Bags without a gate pass?
  3. How do you hang upside down the monkey bars without your undies showing?
  4. Galleria… Galleria… or Galleria on Friday?
  5. How do you properly tape your t-shirt to your undies for CAT?
  6. OMG, my boyfriend is outside the gate. I hope my yaya won’t see.
  7. Whats the color of my panty? (A favorite kinder game)
  8. How do you say something in Spanish aside from “Puedo ir al bano?” or “Que hora es?”
  9. How do I get through CL without falling asleep?
  10. How do you get past the first line and the batotot in patintero?

Shit New Yorkers Say

A take on the viral video “Shit Girls Say.” Now its shit New Yorkers say. Makes me miss my favorite city!


“I love it here.” 🙂