The Beauty Book: My Facial Care Regimen

I have previously blogged about my hair and body regimen, so its time I post my facial care regimen.

I am blessed to have normal skin on my face, though bordering on dry around the edges. I couldn’t say its combination as I do get oily on my t-zone, but not too much that I barely make a patch on an oil blotter. This means I don’t get pimples unless its near that time of the month (just one or two).

Because of that I skip some steps of a normal beauty regimen to keep my skin smooth.

For my facial care I use the following products, currently. I am a brand loyalist but I’ve learned to change it up every once in a while.

For my cleansing I use Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser. It has definitely come a long way from its packaging before, as I used to use this when I was in high school. Its formula is non-soap so it doesn’t foam but provides a moisture layer after washing it with water. Its pretty light so this is for normal usage. I do this once in the morning and once in the evening (or as needed).

Since my skin is dry (both face and body), my main beauty regimen is always to moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. So I always choose facial products packed with intense moisturizing properties. I got the Olay Total Effects from my clients last Christmas and I have been a happy user ever since, and no complaints from me. My skin is always nicely moisturized and I noticed its a good primer for make up. I use it after cleaning my face.

In the mornings, I also load up on SPF to battle the hot Manila sun. My dermatologist prescribed Cetaphil sunblock on my skin as part of the healing process for my allergies since I developed photo contact dermatitis. It has spf 50 and is non-greasy so its not sticky when you apply to my face and doubles as a primer as well.

And lastly, before applying make up, I place Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer in Sand to smoothly cover up my skin and it also has sun protection of SPF 50.

It may seem like a lot of steps, but with practice I can magically apply them in just a few minutes.

The Beauty Book: Nail Tropics


Weekends are always time I allot for myself to rest and rejuvenate for the upcoming week ahead. One of my favorite things to do on weekends is to get my hands and feet pampered at my favorite nail salon – Nail Tropics – with branches located in Eastwood City and Serendra.

I’ve been going to Nail Tropics since 2005 when my sister introduced me to them and I’ve never gone anywhere since for my regular mani-pedi.

I love their spa-like ambiance and you get to sit in comfy lounge chairs. Its usually quiet as the other patrons are also keep to themselves, and they play relaxing music in the background. Its also my favorite place to catch up on my reading and this was my choice for the afternoon.

Their staff is also very, very friendly and very competent. I haven’t had to raise a complaint about their service yet, except when its occasionally fully booked.

I got my regular treatment that day – a manicure and foot spa. The best thing about the services are the little extras. Their manicure come with a short massage, which their foot spa already includes pedicure service.

Their staff each has her own tray filled with different paraphernalia for pampering and the tools are carefully sanitized.

For my foot spa

For my manicure

Despite the full room, I was able to get immediate service and a seat from the staff. Armed with my book, I eagerly started the treatment. The foot spa went first as this always takes longer (roughly about an hour and a half). The manicure goes for about 30-45 minutes.


Foot Soak



What I like best about the shop are the variety of nail polish they carry and they also offer the best brands of nail polish such as OPI, Orly, Essie, China Glaze and Sation.

I chose a pretty pink color for my toes, but kept my fingers bare as I tend to ruin them almost immediately.

And the end result:

I am always happy with the end result of my mani-pedicure and this one didn’t fail either.

And its also very reasonably priced for a mani-pedicure as compared to other nail salons. It might come out a bit more expensive but the service and the place heavily makes up for it.

Manicure is at P170, while pedicure is at P190. Hand Spa is at P290, while their foot spa is at P470, both inclusive of swedish massage. Use of brands like OPI, Orly, etc have extra charge.

The Beauty Book: Dove Love! :)

I am so happy that finally the Dove Damage Therapy Shampoo and Conditioner line is now available locally.

Unilever Philippines has finally brought the hair care line to our shores. I usually have to buy this at the international section or duty, but it costs 4x than that of a locally produced hair product.

And so my hair and body care Dove line is complete! I have been using Dove since I was young as that was the only soap that can actually help my dry skin get moisturized. And I am also picky with my shampoo as there are only certain shampoos that I use that make my hair look nice.

The shampoo and conditioner came in friendly-shaped bottles, but unfortunately were easy to miss amongst the shelves due to its white packaging. It had similarities with its sister shampoo, Clear, and its rival Pantene. So I had to scan the shampoo aisle 2x for me it find it.

The price is also more expensive that its direct counterparts at P114.75 (in SM Supermarket) for the shampoo and P109.75 for the conditioner at 180ml each (the other brands are below P100 for similar sizes).

As I tried it the next day, I loved the fresh clean scent it had. It didn’t smell like a regular shampoo, and smelled more like its soap counterpart. But let it not mislead with the texture. The shampoo was thick and lathered well, while the conditioner was really creamy on my hand.

I enjoyed the over-all result after two days of using it, as my hair was really soft and shiny that I didn’t have to put them up in a pony tail the entire day.

Hooray for some Dove Love 🙂