Thinspiration: TRA Week 8

Time flies so fast and I’ve completed two whole months of the TRA program!

I measured myself last Saturday and was pleased to see that although my weight remained the same, my body fat still went down a few decimal points and so did my BMI and subcutaneous fats, while my skeletal muscle increased.

I was to be quite honest, relieved at the results but also not satisfied with it. I was relieved that I was right on track, however not at the speed I wanted. There was a very slight change from my last measurement two weeks ago and also not much different from my one month marker.

To be honest, its probably due to how I behaved that past month. I cut myself a bit loose that July and started accepting invitations to eat out with friends since I was already comfortable with the program and adjusting well. However, eating out is a bit trickier when trying to stay healthy because there is more temptation to stray (you just have to sample the restaurant’s dessert) and you are not familiar with what is in the meal. I have also welcomed traveling for a few days, and some times you cannot help but sneak your hand into that bag of chips when you’re having a laugh with friends by the pool. Due to these changes in schedule, my work-out schedule has also became sporadic and I just went maximum of 2 times a week.

But as much as possible, I kept to the 3333 meals throughout day. It became my guiding light throughout the journey. People are beginning to notice how I eat and thus I get to influence them to eat more fruits and vegetables.

The program also helped me exercise my amount of self-control. The lessons have already bore into my subconscious that I refrain from having more cake, drinking alcohol (despite peer pressure), and staying up late.

I am looking forward to my third month with excitement, adventure and curiosity. Every day is a new challenge, and every day is a new beginning. Every day is a step closer to my goal.

2 thoughts on “Thinspiration: TRA Week 8

  1. Hi thanks for the detailed postings on your TRA journey! I’ve been following. By now you should have completed your 3 months, how were your results? Is like to try…

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