Thinspiration: TRA Official One Month Update

This is my official one month entry update.

Just to give a refresher and to inform new readers and friends, last July 2, I started with a health program called The Right Approach or TRA.

My journey to losing weight began last year, when I noticed I was packing the pounds after a losing so much weight due to stress and an episode of my anxiety disorder in 2010. Despite numerous efforts, like enrolling myself in the gym, taking l-carnatine and orlistat supplements, eating salad instead, I noticed my weight wasn’t going down. It was either increasing or remaining flat. It also didn’t help that I was eating out a lot with my friends and family.

Come June 2012, I gave myself a deadline that I had to seriously go on a diet come July up to the end of the year. I researched and observed what were the best things out there that was most effective, and came across this program from my friend Kristine Alcantara-Javier. Know more about Kristine in one of my previous blog entries to know her journey.

She introduced me to the program and by some stroke of luck, I was able to get a good deal that worked for me and was able to jump start my program by my targeted date.

After one month on the TRA, I have my official photos and results:

Upon seeing my picture, I was very happy with the result. You can see that my stomach has flattened and my back grew thinner. Even my boobs seemed to have taken shape and so did my ass! And this is only after one month. It might not be seen in the pictures but I definitely felt the difference in my thighs as I could now easily fit into my jeans, whereas previously it was a struggle to put them on.

I also am so proud of the fact that my strength has improved a lot. As an avid yoga practitioner, I find myself doing the poses more fluidly and I’m able to carry my body weight while suspended in the air doing Anti-Gravity Yoga. My teachers noticed the difference as well.

Doing the program isn’t as easy as it looked and I had to make so much adjustments to how I ate. I discovered I’ve been eating so much excess calories and my food choices weren’t as healthy. It wasn’t just eating a fruit, veggie, protein and carbs, but there are also certain foods that you should avoid. It was also a challenge especially when my schedule is thrown off, like my travels out of town or I am suddenly invited to a dinner or meal with friends or clients, but the coaches offered a lot of tips to help us with adjusting like bringing your own fruit, etc.

Here are some of the things I like about this program:

  • I can eat normally – There are no meal plans that require you to eat something else from your friends or family, or starving yourself from a certain food group for a period of time. The only things that I go out of my way to bring are apples and veggies but it doesn’t make you look like you’ve sprouted another head just because you are on a “diet”.
  • I can still exercise regularly – In fact, it is encouraged to do some light cardio exercises every day. I still keep my yoga schedules and in fact it helped with my yoga poses. I could bend and flex better and also built muscle strength easily. I am a lot more stronger now.
  • Fits my schedule – You just eat 3 times a day every five hours.
  • Convenient – each pack comes complete with a pillbox for your supplements and a shaker for the trimshake.
  • In a system – with the food diary and classes, i can easily track down what I’m eating and it serves as a guide for me to follow so I don’t go astray.
  • Has a support system – dieting is hard to do on your own but I’ve got someone like Kristine and the other coaches to keep you in line and can easily consult if I have any questions. The month long class also gives vital information to help you with your program.
  • Flexible – I can have different meal combinations as long as I follow the 3333 rule.
  • Longevity – since this is on a period of 3 months, you definitely gain habits you can apply for after the program.
  • Guaranteed results – I’ve seen a lot testimonials from real people who have done this. My friend Kristine is one of them and I’ve seen how much she’s lost and is still losing months after the program. And from my results, it really can happen.
  • Gradual but effective results – The results don’t happen overnight but the period of loss is quick enough for me. According to them you can lose as much as 12 kilos in the period alone (that’s about 2 pounds per week, the healthy way to lose weight).
  • Health benefits – With the testimonials I’ve read the program helped people lower their hypertension, fight obesity and the like. I hope this could also help stabilize my PCOS, one of the main source of my weight problems.

I am looking forward to my results for the next months to come. 🙂

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