The Story So Far: All Quiet in the Eastern Front

Apologies dear readers for my severe lack of updates for the past few weeks.

It’s not that I’ve been busy.

I have just been lazy on putting out updates since I’ve mostly been concentrating on other things rather than keep up my blog. As a matter of fact, I haven’t even organized my pictures for August as I’ve mostly kept my laptop closed whenever I’m in the house.

But fret not, I will still update from time to time, but not as often as expected.

So what’s been happening?

  • I’ve been devoting much of my time to my yoga practice. I’m concentrating more on attending Anti-Gravity Yoga and Bikram classes in the evenings as part of my weekly exercises. I’m also in contemplation if I will take the teacher training for AGY this November. I’ve been resisting this, but its something I’m really considering and inclined to do.
  • I’m concentrating in preparing for my new condo. However, in truth, I haven’t been taking care of it lately.
  • I’m still on the TRA program, on my second month, but I feel my concentration is slipping due to the disruption brought about by the storm and flood and now we’re on long holidays.
  • Due to TRA, I couldn’t do any new restaurant reviews as I couldn’t really experience fully the restaurants we eat in.

Now that I’ve fully rested, I am determined to get back on track with these things that’s most important to me:

  • To follow TRA to a tee for the next few weeks to expect great results in the end. I have only until this month with my supplements.
  • To start looking at house ideas in preparation for my condo.
  • To get back on feet with my work.
  • To let go of my fear and take up something new like teacher training.
  • To update things to get back in track and with integrity.
  • To blog more often.

Here’s to more updates. 🙂

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