Movie Review: Brave

Meet Princess Merida, a spirit young Scottish princess who craves adventure and freedom. In a land where legends were lessons and magic was everywhere, she grows up with a rigid mother who teaches her the values of her people. When of age, tradition says she is to marry the eldest son from one of the four tribes of their kingdom. She defies ancient tradition by shooting for her own hand in marriage, and later breaks the family tapestry in anger with her mother. After running away, she encounters a witch where she bargains her for a spell that would change her faith forever.

In tradition with the Disney history of fairy tale movies, Pixar delivers another great story. Although it has very much not your typical Disney princess movie (it has no love story), the movie has the same heart and values that kids, especially young girls, can learn from.

My only comment is that it wasn’t unexpected. The story wasn’t as groundbreaking as Toy Story or Finding Nemo, but interesting enough with its rich legends and unexpected twists that kept everyone’s attention on the movie.

Its a great story to share to the kids.

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