Thinspiration: TRA Week 4


I am still alive.

I am just not as online on my computer as often as I would like as: 1) I don’t have internet at the office or a mobile wi-fi and 2) I sleep earlier. Usually when I get home from the studio, I immediate prepare for bed.

I am on my 4th week on TRA and completed my 1 month.

My results are the following (as on Aug 1):

  • Gained .6 kg in weight (but 1kg less that before I started TRA)
  • lost another kilogram of body fat, lost a bit on subcutaneous fat, esp in the legs and arms and trunk.
  • gained more muscle

I’m quite happy with my result and super proud that I’m losing more fat. I am not happy about the weight gain, perhaps this is due to muscle development.

I am more conscious with what I eat but I noticed I felt heavier for the past few days. Probably from what I’ve been eating. I vow to cut down on more in between snacking.

Again what I like about the program:

  • no starvation – you always feel full
  • you are more conscious in choosing the food you eat
  • guaranteed results
  • on a scheduled/system that puts you in a habit
  • easy to follow
  • no weird side effects

I hope this continues for my second month!

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