Rest in Peace, Manong Dolphy!

Rodolfo Vera Quizon, 83

No Filipino has not heard the name Dolphy, who has reigned the Philippine entertainment scene as the King of Comedy. Sadly this evening, the man who brought laughter into the lives of the Filipinos, has passed away.

Over the past few weeks, Manong Dolphy has been in critical condition due to his lungs and has been confined in the Makati Medical Center. He is survived by his long time partner, singer-actress ZsaZsa Padilla and his 18 recognized children. He was 83.

Celebrities have took to twitter and other forms of social media to offer their condolences, prayers and fond memories to the Comedy King.

He will greatly be remembered for his roles like John Puruntong and Kevin Cosme in this long running comedy sitcoms John en Marsha and Home Along Da Riles.

Rest in peace, Manong Dolphy! You will be missed greatly!

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