Thinspiration: TRA Week 1

And so I completed week 1 of my TRA program and here’s my comments on it so far.

  • Its relatively easier to follow than most diets/exercise regiments I’ve done because you eat normal food. People don’t actually suspect you are on a diet because you eat normally except for the more amounts of veggies. My mom is actually supportive on this. I don’t really experience much hunger pangs (only occassionally when I’m busy).
  • Although I say its easy to follow, its a bit tricky when it comes to food classifications because some items are actually no-nos even if they are concidered as fruit (ex mangoes, pineapples) or actually classified as something else like squash (classified as carb, not veggies). They will teach this to us in our classes this weekend.
  • I am so glad that I could do exercises with this!!! And it doesn’t affect it either.
  • Its also a bit tricky when you travel or eat out but I try as much as possible to follow.
  • You don’t anymore feel bloated after a meal, although I experienced some flatulence at night when I just ate fruits and veggies.


  • I actually lost two pounds!!!
  • As little as 3-4 days people began to notice I was getting thinner. My mom and a close friend of mine commented on this.
  • I can really feel it because I felt and seen my stomach tighten and my thighs also felt like they’ve shrunk. I could really feel it when I work out 🙂

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