Thinspiration: TRA Day 4

This is a pretty interesting day!


1 carrot, 1 fist sized serving of sardines, 1/2 Break Talk Floss (about a palm size), 1 open hand service of fruits


This has to be my fave! 1 fist sized 1/2 fried boneless bangus, 1 palm rice, 1 palm ginataang squash and okra and 1 banana

I was doing so good but I was tempted during the meeting at work with clients:

1 slice queso de bola cheesecake and 1 glass dalandan juice.

According to Kristine, cheesecake is concidered as fat. You are allowed fat in your diet, but the size of an okay sign. Next time, just a little taste is okay. But this doesn’t affect the outcome as long as you are taking your meds. The dalandan juice is not concidered to be a fruit serving.


I was worried that my lunch and snacks this afternoon would affect my mealtimes and asked Tin if I should skip the Trimshake. She said no because you need it to build muscles due to the protein in it. I added some miswa soup and two slices of apples.

No exercise today. All my meds on schedule.

Over all, I still managed to maintain the 3333 with a slight intake of fat..

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