Book Review: The Best of Archie Comics

Take a trip down memory lane through 70 years of pure Americana culture!

For its 70th year anniversary, the creators of the well-loved comics strip came out with a compilation of the best stories of our favorite Riverdale resident Archie Andrews.

Done in chronological order, the book features the first time Archie ever appeared in paper, in Pep Comics 70 years ago up to the latest stories in the new millennium. Editors and fans all contributed to into suggesting which stories came in and they gave a brief background on how the world of Archie revolved as each year came by.

You can see how the artwork, fashion and stories all revolved with the times and everyone took a look back on how each character was introduced. The book also included some other favorite comic book characters apart from the series but became famous in their own right as well like Sabrina The Teenage Witch, Josie and the Pussy Cats, That Wilkin Boy and Lil Jinx.

Its definitely a trip down memory lane and I thoroughly enjoyed the stories. I was surprised to see some stories I’ve read before make it to the cut. Its a nice easy read that makes you go back to your childhood and see slices of American life through the Riverdale gang


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