Thinspiration: The Right Approach (TRA)

For months I’ve been struggling with weight issues. I’ve dedicated several blog entries into this and still I’ve not yet achieved the desired results that I’ve wanted. In fact the results have been abysmal. I’ve actually gained more weight since the start of the year but thanks to regular exercise a few months, I managed to stop the expansion and garnered strength and muscle. If I weren’t exercising, I probably would have bloated even further. Coupled with PCOS (poly-cystic ovary syndrome), the journey to slimming down has been a struggle.

I chanced upon this program called The Right Approach (TRA) from my college friends Kristine, Vitt and Julia a few months ago when they all completed their program. They posted their results from taking the program on facebook and it piqued my interest, but never got to inquire about it.

I gave myself May – June to work out, concentrating on yoga this time as my regular regimen, and yet results weren’t happening in terms of weight. Although I became a lot more toned, there were still very obvious problem areas to severely work on and my weight was not going down and staying down.

By June, I knew I had to go to an intense nutrition program. I was already set on the exercise aspect but now I had to work on the nutrition aspect. I was considering turning into options like Belo’s Sexy Solutions, Cohen Diet, and this, TRA, because these are tried and tested dietary programs with amazing results.

As soon as June started, I already contacted Kristine to meet up with her to introduce me to the program, and she was very accomodating and answered all my questions and concerns very honestly.

I was looking for something that was in a system with guides for meals and other regimen, that can accommodate my schedule (including exercise), good for your health (when you lose weight you won’t look so haggard or cause you mental or physical stress), at a reasonable price, and convenient.

Although I haven’t consulted much on the other programs, I found TRA to fit the bill on most of the aspects, except for the price. It was more expensive than Cohen (I am not so sure about Belo) given its priced higher for a shorter period of time (three months vs six months of Cohen).

The Right Approach is a weight management program, which increases users’ efficacy of fat reduction, muscle building, metabolism and body shaping to deliver excellent weight management results within 3 months without yo-yo syndrome.

I was about to dash this off my list or postpone it further when Tin called me with an opportunity to start the program at a lower cost and so I immediately took it.

I am no expert, but this is what I got from my talks with Tin about it.

In gist, the program is composed of 3 parts:

  • The 3333 Principle
  • The supplements
  • The talks

They have a 3333 approach, where in everyday, the ideal intake of food is 3 parts vegetables, 3 parts fruit, 3 parts protein, 3 parts grain and carbohydrates. Forget counting calories! They have a system of measurement using only your hands as a guide on the right proportion of food.

With this system, they also have herbal supplements to help aid in weight management.

  • Duolean – fat and carbohydrate blocker
  • TRA Complex – controls carbohydrate cravings
  • Diene-O-Lean – burns body fat, increases musicle mass and shapes your body
  • Trimshake – meal replacement
  • Lifepak – increases metabolism

There are also classes on TRA and nutrition you take for 4 Saturdays. I am starting with the next batch on July 14.

In a day, my schedule looks like this:

Some of the things I like about this program:

  • I can eat normally. No meal plans that require you to eat something else from your friends or family, or starving yourself from a certain food group for a period of time.
  • I can still exercise regularly.
  • Fits my schedule – I’m not obliged to eat at certain times or before certain times.
  • Convenient – each pack comes complete with a pillbox for your supplements and a shaker for the trimshake.
  • In a system – with the food diary and classes, i can easily track down what I’m eating and it serves as a guide for me to follow so I don’t go astray.
  • Has a support system – dieting is hard to do on your own but I’ve got someone like Kristine to keep you in line and can easily consult if I have any questions.
  • Flexible – I can have different meal combinations as long as I follow the 3333 rule.
  • Longevity – since this is on a period of 3 months, you definitely gain habits you can apply for after.
  • Guaranteed results – I’ve seen a lot testimonials from real people who have done this. My friend Kristine is one of them and I’ve seen how much she’s lost and is still losing months after the program.
  • Gradual but effective results – The results don’t happen overnight but the period of loss quick enough for me. According to them you can lose as much as 12 kilos in the period alone (that’s about 2 pounds per week, the healthy way to lose weight)
  • Health benefits – With the testimonials I’ve read the program helped people lower their hypertension, fight obesity and the like. I hope this could also help stabilize my PCOS, one of the main source of my weight problems.

I am so excited to see my results after this! My blog will be a dedicated online documentation of my journey and inspire you all to do the same.

1 thought on “Thinspiration: The Right Approach (TRA)

  1. That is the thing about diets and weight reduction programmes: have real people actually done them? I mean not gym bugfs and health food nuts who seem to have zero body fat and are always wearing gym gear. I also cannot stick to a diet where I have to eat so much at certain times. What if I was in a meeting at work? Or commuting?

    Thanks, Rox. I hope this is the answer for me too. I have so much extra weight I want to lose and if I can lose just 2 kilos in 3 months, that’s more than I would have ever lost since ever.

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