Thinspiration: White Space Mind and Body Wellness

Sharing with you a special announcement from White Space Mind and Body Wellness:

White Space opens its doors with a lineup of free demonstration classes on Yoga, Pilates, T’ai Chi, Reiki, Inner Dance, Inner Medicine, massage therapy and meditation! Visit us and bring family and friends along for a weekend of mind and body wellness fun!


09:00-10:00 GENTLE YOGA
Start the weekend off by joining Mizel Evangelista for an hour of sedate and calming practice based on the Hatha Yoga tradition. Our Gentle Yoga is perfect for new and regular practitioners alike.

11:00-12:00 SUN-/YANG-STYLE T’AI CHI
Explore two different styles of T’ai Chi at once with Ton Delgado’s combination of the healing Sun style and relaxing Yang style. Discover why T’ai Chi is one of the fastest growing health activities in the world.

13:00-14:00 CHEN-STYLE T’AI CHI
Experience the oldest and most martial form of T’ai Chi with Karl Go and discover how the art of T’ai Chi has a dynamic and invigorating aspect of its own.

15:00-16:00 MAT PILATES
Work with Billy Goco for an hour of core exercises designed to align, balance, condition, strengthen and tone the entire body. Find out why Pilates is among the most popular fitness activities in the world.

End the day with Billy Goco’s introductory and application session on massage techniques for the common problem areas of the neck, shoulders and lower back. Learn how to apply quick relief to yourself and others!

SUNDAY: JUNE 3, 2012

09:00-10:00 FLOW/POWER YOGA
Explore two different styles of Yoga at once with Mina Aquino’s combination of Flow and Power Yoga. Kick the day off with a fluid and invigorating practice!

Discover and experience the Japanese meditative healing technique of Reiki with Sarah Salcedo-Rubin. Find out how Reiki can be used to balance, conserve and enhance your energy and those of others.

Learn about the Filipino healing practice of Inner Dance, a consciously cultivated and musically-accompanied trance state that has healed scores of people around the world. Find out what Inner Dance can contribute to your life with guide Arianne Olegario.

Discover the comprehensive healing framework of Inner Medicine, a program that integrates Inner Dance, life coaching, guided meditation, inner journaling, bodywork and energy healing. Explore how Inner Medicine can transform your life with founder Mary Raynor.

Discover and experience the basic principles and techniques of meditation with Sarah Salcedo-Rubin. Find out how this ancient discipline, found in different belief systems and cultures, can contribute to enhancing and expanding your quality of life.

For questions about any of our Open Studio activities, write us at Thank you and we look forward to seeing you at White Space!

Visit their Studio at:

White Space Mind and Body Wellness Studio,
6/F Regis Center (across Gate 3 of Ateneo de Manila University), 3
27 Katipunan Avenue, Loyola Heights 1108 Quezon City, Philippines

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