Movie Review: Men in Black 3

Fourteen years after they saved the world, Agent K (Tommy Lee Jones) and J (Will Smith) are off to same the world, and this time from the most sinister alien in the Universe, Boris the Animal. This alien destroyer escapes from LunarMax prison to seek revenge on Agent K who put him in jail forty years ago. He travels back in time to finish the job, and its up to Agent J to also travel back to 1969 to rewrite history.

The film brings me back to nostalgic 90s where the first movie became a hit. I missed the black suits, the oakley shades and the little memory eraser sticks. The aliens are still the same and the weapons are still furturistic.

The film was actually short and didn’t have that much action unlike the previous two movies. It was more focused on the story line and relationship between the two agents. Here we see a different side of Agent K, where he’s usually still and no nonsense. Agent J is still the loud mouthed and funny, which provides comic relief most of the time.

The movie might be a disappointment to some of the fans but I found it enjoyable. It was a good transition from the last movie and I didn’t find myself trying too hard to remember the older movies. Its something the younger kids would enjoy.

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