TV Guide: The Voice Finale

This is actually more than a week late! Even from my latest posts, I haven’t been updating much! But The Voice deserves this final post because I’ve been posting about this for its entire season and its not right to not include the finale!

To recap, the final four consists of the best contestants from each time – Tony Lucca for Team Adam, Jermaine Paul for Team Blake, Juliet Simms for Team CeeLo and Chris Mann for Team Christina.

For this, I will do it in order of performances then put the results and winners commentary below 🙂

Jermaine Paul

  • Song: I Believe I Can Fly
  • Remarks: This has to be Jermaine’s winning piece. And I agree with Christina that this song was really made for him and so appropriate for him to sing as his final song. It was very, very powerful and spot on, that it actually trended for a whole day!
  • Personal Vote: 2nd place

Tony Lucca

  • Song: 99 Problems
  • Remarks: To be honest, I am not familiar with the song, but I think Tony Lucca could have done better with a more powerful anthem to end the season. It did show his prowess, but I hope he did this song early in the live performance season and did something really powerful, to compete with the other finalists.
  • Personal Vote: 4th Place

Chris Mann

  • Song: You Raised Me Up
  • Remarks: I loved that he chose this song as his final song because this is a very powerful and anthem-like song that would be great for a finale. However, this has version has already been done by Josh Groban as they have the same type of voice. But listening to it further, he tweaked it a bit to make it very Chris, and I liked his version very much. Still reminds me of Mark Feehily of Westlife!
  • Personal Vote: 3rd Place

Juliet Simms

  • Song: Freebird
  • Remarks: I love love love Juliet and she looked so gorgeous! Another great song choice, not to all out rock-y like her previous performance, a little subdued in the beginning but rocked out and reminded us of her over-all vocal rock goddess prowess in the end.
  • Personal Vote: WINNER

The Results

And the winner is Jermaine Paul! After seeing the performances, I was happy with the result and this was very well deserved, although my personal favorite was Juliet. In his performance, I can already see in Jermaine that he is already a winner.

And congratulations also to Blake on the win. I honestly didn’t see it coming, thinking he had the weakest contestants of the bunch, but he took a chance on Jermaine, someone with a completely different singing style, and found a gem in him. Same goes for Jermaine for taking a chance on Blake even if they came from different backgrounds. He was very, very lucky to have chosen Blake as a coach, because he wouldn’t stand a chance against Juliet if they were both on CeeLo’s team.


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