Thinspiration: Check-Ups


Since I am approaching my 30s, I think its time I get myself regular check-ups for blood works, ultrasounds and the like to check ifeverything is functioning as its supposed to be. As an employee, I am thankful that my employer gives us health benefits so we can remain healthy and not worry about the costs of medical expenses. Although we have our annual check-ups, it still doesn’t cover other laboratory tests.

Since my mom is a doctor, I got a written request to have some blood tests, x-rays and ultrasounds done. And on one Saturday, I scheduled a visit to Medical City to process them all.

For anything medical, its always best to start early. Experience taught me and as a doctor’s daughter, to always get the earliest appointment because of the long wait in the hospital. As early as 8am, I was already in The Medical City to start my day.

Since I already got my health card slip, I went straight to the Ambulatory services of the TMC. I was very surprised and pleased at the very efficient queuing service at the Medical City. I only had about a 15 minute wait for my papers to be processed and another 15 to get my blood works done.

Since I was getting results for my blood sugar, I also had to fast 10-12 hours prior. No food or water intake. It wasn’t as bad as I imagined, but its best to start early so you don’t have to be fasting during breakfast or lunch. The last meal I took was dinner the night before, at around 8pm.

Ouch! That’s a lot of blood taken. πŸ™‚ Results were released later in the day and came out very normal πŸ™‚

After that, I also got my chest x-ray done at the same area. It took about a 5 minute wait since not everyone requests for an x-ray. We usually have chest x-rays in our annual APE but usually they are only valid for 6 months so I went ahead and got myself one.

For my protection, I had to wear a hospital issued gown. The room was very clean and the procedure was very quick. I still haven’t gotten my results yet as they advised me it would be out the next day, however I wasn’t able to pass for it yet.

Since it took me only about an hour, I also went to the Breast Clinic and Women’s Reproductive Health office to schedule myself for an breast ultrasound and ultrasound. Luckily there were slots available that day but at 4pm for the breast ultrasound, but in the reproductive health, they would be able to accommodate me immediately. I went to the Maxicare (our health insurance) office first to get my slips and thankfully there wasn’t a long line, which is usually the case on a Saturday morning.

Before heading back to the women’s health office, I stopped again at the ambulatory services to give my urinalysis sample for testing.

Don’t worry this is the before picture. Hahahaha. Since I fasted the night before I had trouble giving a sample so I took a bottle of water right after my lab tests.

I went back to the women’s health office and got myself checked, which was my main request why I was pestering my mom to grant me a request for a check up. I found out I indeed had poly-cystic ovaries, and one of the leading causes is my weight gain. The results came out after twenty minutes and were immediately texted to my mom (my OB-Gyne).

Mom immediately placed me on medication and ofcourse, is now my official dietician. The process and wait only took about an hour.

I left TMC for lunch and came back at 4pm for my breast ultrasound.

They made us wear these cute kimonos for the check-up. So far, nothing came out in the ultrasound results. Thank goodness!

It definitely made me feel good after the check-ups and getting the results that so far my body is still in good working condition. And I am determined to keep it that way. I am not growing any younger and even our own bodies suffer through wear and tear.

Get yourselves check-up everybody! πŸ™‚


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