The Story So Far: My Newly Painted Room!


I am alive!

Apologies for having been quiet for almost a week.

Life has been turned upside down with the painting of our rooms. Our painters began work in my and my sister’s room last Wednesday so we had to pack up our room and move to my parents’ room to sleep and stay while the we had to wait for our room to finish and air out the paint smell.

Since it was a bit cramped in our parents’ room, I didn’t get to do much with my laptop while I was home, hence the severe lack of update on my end. I didn’t want my things lying around in different places so I chose not to unpack my laptop while I wasn’t staying in my room.

After 5 days, I am back to my room where I could work and update freely and in peace.

Just to share on the room updates, my sister and I (we share one room, but divided in the middle making two adjoining rooms) requested our rooms to be done in purple. And here is the finished product.

I am loving my room color so far (my dream room color!). The paint job gave it a refreshing look, after 15 years of the same peachy color.

Do watch out for a ton of updates!


One thought on “The Story So Far: My Newly Painted Room!

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