Thrilla In NAIA

Its been a buzz over the weekend and Monday about the blows exchanged between journalist Mon Tulfo and showbiz couple Raymart and Claudine Barretto-Santiago at the NAIA 3 Arrival terminal last Sunday afternoon.

I won’t go into details because I am not up to speed with what’s happening at the moment. Each side has expressed their story to the different media networks and as of today have filed cases.

My sympathy goes out to no one as all of them are at fault:

1) Cebu Pacific Airline – the reason behind the brawl for having misplaced the Santiagos’ baggage. I personally have experienced having my luggage misplaced by the airline (it was placed on the next flight) so I hold no sympathy for them.

2) Claudine Barretto – Her reputation as one of the most difficult actresses to work with has preceeded her. Apparantly she was caught arguing with the Cebu Pacific ground staff.

3) Mon Tulfo – One of the countries fearless journalist. He and his brothers (also journalists) have reputations of not being afraid of anyone.

4) Raymart Santiago – Although his involvement was quite a shock since he’s normally level headed, I am disappointed on his reaction.

On how ever it happened or how it turns out, this incident caused quite a stir among Filipinos and by no means a source of entertainment and bemusement. Everyone is talking about it.

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