Thinspiration: April 26


I spent the day mostly outside the office to visit clients and run errands. I did a quick 30 minute treadmill session at the gym because my coach was running late. I couldn’t wait for him anymore to work out since I also needed to be at the agency by 11am.

But I admit I was pretty lazy to get up and go to the gym at 7am, making it at 7.30am already. I should be going to gym at 7am to have ample time to have breakfast and get ready. I always ended up rushing if I start gym at 7.30am.

Because of the rush, I just had a quick breakfast of Quaker Oats Apple and Cinammon to fuel me for the day:

I actually brought a packed lunch of chicken and pineapples and I didn’t find it very appetizing. I went out to lunch with my friends Shierlly and Mitch at Uncle Cheffy’s Burgos Circle.

Being health conscious, we ordered salad and one of their famous panizza’s to share.

I admit, I ate a lot of the food primarily because the two people I was with eat lesser and slower. I really have to learn not to inhale my food and learn to savor and enjoy every bite.

Because it was really hot nowadays, we decided to head across the street to Bar Dolci for some gelato. I indulged and got one small scoop of vanilla pistachio and one ferrero macaron.

After visiting my agencies, I went to Metrowalk in Pasig City to meet up with Tita Lanie, who was visiting from New York to get my stuff from Ninang Chelo. Since I didn’t want to seem like a poser in Starbucks, I ordered a tall green tea latte with non-fat milk and no whipped cream.

Dinner was a rush because dad, my brother Jan, my sister Deci and I were rushing back to Makati to make it to the special screening of the Avengers in Greenbelt 3. Since we arrived 30 mins before the gates opened, we ordered our food to go from NYFD, a fast food joint located near the cinemas.

I ordered grilled chicken sandwich with fries and chocolate shake. The shake sucked big time as it was warm and watery which was a good thing since I didn’t want to drink it too much. It came with the meal already and the other options for drinks were sodas.

I am proud of myself for choosing not to upgrade my fries to large. 🙂

Judging from what I ate, although it wasn’t the most healthy of choices (not much fruit servings), I was happy that I was able to be conscious of what I ate and do so in moderation. I should learn to cut back even more, and consciously opt for fruit and vegetable choices. As mentioned above, I got to learn to eat slow.


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