Thinspiration: April 25


Because of the weights I did the previous day, I decided to forgo my gym time today because my body really hurt and I didn’t want to overdo it.

I’m glad I was just in the office in order to atleast monitor my food intake. Since it was a relatively slow day, my meal intake also matched my mood.

For breakfast, I indulged a bit with corned beef on toast (two slice) and a glass of milk. I was glad this was a little heavy because I wasn’t that looking forward to lunch. I don’t know also if its the weather as well that makes lose my appetite.

Lunch was steamed chicken on red rice with carrots and broccolli. I liked my food, but didn’t enjoy it as much.

For dessert, I had a calamansi muffin fresh from Boracay courtesy of Shierlly. It was my first time to try it and I found it really good and moist. I was tempted to buy an ice cream bar but decided not to.

I’m glad we didn’t do snacks anymore with the office friends and instead I ate some of my nuts and chocolate covered blueberries for the meantime.

Which meant I was full for dinner and didn’t mind eating dinner late. Dad took so long because he watched my brother’s game so we waited for him, and ended up eating at around 8pm.

We had pumpkin soup for dinner and I ate about half a cup and shared the rest with mom. I had red rice, tapa (the Filipino version of salpicao, made of beef cooked dry with garlic and soysauce), and eggplant.

I nearly forgot my fruit serving for the day so I made up for it by eating a bowl of pineapples and papaya while watching the Voice live performance.

I wasn’t too cranky today as maybe because it was a relatively light day in terms of workload and happenings.


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