Thinspiration: April 24


It was a more activity-filled day on a Tuesday. My work-out doubled up and I was doing more weight lifting and exercises forgoing cardio. The Vipr is back today.

But I am thankful for these exercises because I wouldn’t have managed to haul-ass this cooler filled with ice up and down 4 flights of stairs.

And ofcourse, all this workout paid off with the following on the menu:

Breakfast was Instant Quaker Oats with Brown Sugar and Maple Syrup.

I really make sure I eat healthy and prepared food. I prepared a chicken sandwich with horseradish and tomatoes and pineapples for dessert.

In between meals and during the meeting, I snacked on some of the chips we brought and dip and drank a small glass of Pepsi light. I was really parched after hauling that cooler up the stairs and this was the only available drink 😦

Since Dad and I were attending the Sergio Mendes concert in Araneta, we decided to just have dinner in Gateway Mall. Unfortunately the restaurants I wanted to go to that had good salads were all full of people, most likely attending the concert or those avoiding the rush hour home.

We ended up eating in Teriyaki Boy, a Japanese restaurant. While dad had his usual Don Buri, I opted for an order of Agedashi Tofu, Tori Karaage, and pinched one of dad’s ebi tempuras.

I was really getting in the groove of eating healthy and the fact that I had to post this made me more conscious of what I eat. With except for the fact I ate junk food, and snacked on chicken nuggets for a midnight snack, I was doing okay. I was grateful for the fact I worked out much more than I did for the past few days, so I was a little easy on myself for straying.


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