TV Guide: The Voice Quarter Finals (Team Blake)

And now for team Blake:


I will begin with person with the top votes that America saved. Then to the judges’ save. Then the two eliminated contestants (first being the one with last chance, the last being the one automatically eliminated).

Jermaine Paul

  • Song: Against All Odds
  • Remarks: Jermaine has got to be one of the best voices and performers on the Team Blake, and among all the contestants on the team, I personally think he is the most deserving to be on the top spot. He has the training and experience and needs the exposure the Voice brings, however unlike Chris Mann from Team Christina, he is not niche market so he needs to win the Voice to help him stand out from his contemporaries. A beautiful and classy rendition of the Phil Collins song, and I personally think he is dancing with joy that he went with Blake instead of CeeLo to give him that edge.
  • Personal Vote: For Saving
  • Result: Semi-Finalist

Erin Willett

  • Song: Set Fire to The Rain
  • Remarks: Not my favorite performance from Erin, but she still delivered with her powerful voice.
  • Personal Vote: For Elimination
  • Result: Safe

  • Song: Proud Mary
  • Remarks: For her last chance, she made an excellent choice of for this one because Proud Mary is one of those diva songs that needs a powerful voice to sing it, and Erin is just that. Personally, I would have voted her out earlier if I were Blake because she doesn’t stand out from the other contestants from the other teams. But since she didn’t get voted off in the instant eliminations, and had to go up against Raelynn, she gets my vote. If she went up against Jordis or Jermaine, I would have not saved her.
  • Personal Vote: For Saving
  • Result: Semi-Finalist


  • Song: She’s Country
  • Remarks: A sassy number from our resident country princess. I like the little flirtiness she did with the song, however its too country for my taste and I think she should have been voted off ages ago.
  • Personal Vote: For Elimination
  • Result: Safe

  • Song: If I Die Young
  • Remarks: I actually liked this song and she did a good job with it, however I am not a fan of country and I find her voice too twangy. I just wish she loses a bit of the twang to make her more mainstream. I would have kept her for the result show, but would easily eliminate her if she pitted up herself against anybody else from the team.
  • Personal Vote: For elimination
  • Result: Eliminated

Jordis Unga

  • Song: A Little Bit Stronger
  • Remarks: Every week, I favor her voice more and more as time passes. And she did a beautiful and heartfelt rendition of the song and its great to see this vulnerable side of her. I would have liked her to advance to the semi-finals versus Jermaine instead of Erin, so I dunno what Blake was thinking for instantly eliminating her.
  • Personal Vote: For Saving
  • Result: Eliminated

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