TV Guide: The Voice Live Performances (Team Adam)

Ofcourse I saved the best for last 🙂

Here we go with team Adam!

Tony Lucca

  • Song: In Your Eyes
  • Remarks: I swear he reminds me of Marc Anthony. This guy is really, really talented and I love the way his voice sounds. I agree with Christina that it lacks versatility and its very dated because it came from the 1980s, so it wasn’t so up to date and relatable.
  • Personal Vote: Bottom 3
  • Result: Safe


  • Song: When We Were Young
  • Remarks: I just love Pip’s voice! Its so distinct and so easy to listen to, and it also helps that Pip has so much stage presence and he has the crowd on their feet. His style needs a lot more improving, but the bowtie is really cute
  • Personal Vote: Safe
  • Result: Safe


  • Song: Ordinary People
  • Remarks: I like Mathai’s rendition very much, its smooth and sweet. The difference between her and Erin Martin is that her voice has a sweetness to it that its not annoying. Props to her reaching her high notes.
  • Personal Vote: Safe
  • Result: Safe

For last chance:

Katrina Parker

  • Song: Tonight, Tonight
  • Remarks: I was so shocked to hear her sing this Smashing Pumpkins song and she really made it her own! Her voice is just so wonderful to listen to, and with the advent of Adele, pretty plus size singers are the in thing now. But she did a really good performance and I liked it.
  • Personal Vote: Safe
  • Result: Bottom 3

  • Song: Don’t Speak
  • Remarks: It was a little pitchy on some parts in the beginning, but I just love how she sings, so smooth and sweet.
  • Personal Vote: For Saving
  • Result: Saved by Adam

Kim Yarbrough

  • Song: Rolling In The Deep
  • Remarks: This was a very obvious choice for someone like Kim or Katrina maybe. She delivered a flawless performance but I was looking a different oomph from Kim or the element of surprise.
  • Personal Vote: Bottom 3
  • Result: Bottom 3

  • Song: Spotlight
  • Remarks: Again a very safe performance and I am realizing now that her voice is very one dimensional. Powerful but could only fit certain song genres so there was no wow factor for me.
  • Personal Vote: For Elimination
  • Result: Eliminated

Karla Davis

  • Song: Airplanes
  • Remarks: Absolutely wrong song choice. Her voice is very distinct and sweet, but not something I like listening to with the song. I agree with Blake that the song didn’t allow her to showcase her vocals properly.
  • Personal Vote: Bottom 3
  • Result: Bottom 3

  • Song: I Can’t Make You Love Me
  • Remarks: Much, much, much better performance and unfortunately this was the only time we ever get to see this. She did very well, but personally her voice is not my favorite.
  • Personal Vote: For Elimination
  • Result: For Elimination

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