TV Guide: The Voice Live Performances (Team Blake)

Its now time for the live performances and immediate result show the next day. For these round of episodes, the final 24 contestants do live performances in front of America and the coaches.

This week its members from Team Blake and Team Christina who will be performing, with a results show the following day.

The top 3 contestants with the most number of votes automatically advance to the next round. The bottom 3 will have a chance to prove to their coach they should have the final slot and will do one last performance. The coach will get to pick one member who will advance to the next round.

First up is team Blake

*Spoiler Warning*


Jermaine Paul

  • Song: Livin’ On A Prayer
  • Remarks: This is one of my favorite rock songs and I love Bon Jovi. I always loved Jermaine’s energy in performances and he delivered right on track. It was an ambitious move to go with rock anthem, but I was confident his talent and his stage presence will surpass this.
  • Personal Vote: FOR SAVING
  • Result: SAFE


  • Song: Wake Up Call
  • Remarks: I had my doubts on RaeLynn doing a Maroon 5 cover when she’s purely country but I was impressed. It started a little confusing at first with the obvious country twang but as the performance progressed I found myself smiling and bopping my head to the beat. Quite ambitious, but a courageous effort from the little country girl.
  • Personal Vote: BOTTOM 3
  • Result: SAFE

Erin Willet

  • Song: Living For The City
  • Remarks: If power had a picture, its this girl. She looked amazing with her beautiful hair and flattering dress, she just looked so comfortable that it was obvious in her voice and performance.
  • Personal Vote: SAVING
  • Result: SAFE

Here are those that needed a second round:

Jordis Unga

  • Song: Alone
  • Remarks: I am liking the rendition with the violins! Though her voice and stage presence wasn’t my favorite performance, it fell a little flat. But I like the little dramatic moments here and there.
  • Personal Vote: OUT
  • Result: BOTTOM 3

  • Song: Wild Horses
  • Remarks: This was so much better than her live performance and I’m glad she chose this song and did it for her last chance or else I wouldn’t have picked her!
  • Personal Vote: FOR ELIMINATION
  • Result: Blake’s Choice

Naia Kete

  • Song: Turning Tables
  • Remarks: I am a fan of Naia and I am very proud of her for choosing this beautiful song of Adele to perform. She may have found her niche in reggae but I’m glad she took this risk and showed everyone she can do something else as well.
  • Personal Vote: FOR SAVING
  • Result: BOTTOM 3

  • Song: If I Were A Boy
  • Remarks: I feel like she has been cheated on, since she didn’t have a lot of song choices to choose from, but she added a lot of Naia flavor to it and she looked so incredible. I just wish she had a different song.
  • Personal Vote: FOR SAVING
  • Result:  ELIMINATED

Charlotte Sometimes

  • Song: Misery Business
  • Remarks: I actually liked her perforamce, but I’m not a fan of her as a whole. I like her voice, I liked listening to her perfomance as opposed to watching it. She surprised me very much and its the first time I actually paid attention to her.
  • Personal Vote: BOTTOM 3
  • Result: BOTTOM 3

  • Song: Iris
  • Remarks: Not the best song choice for Charlotte as her voice sounded very, very flat.
  • Personal Vote: FOR ELIMINATION
  • Result: ELIMINATED

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