The Beauty Book: Azta Urban Salon

Aside from my daily maintenance of shampoo and conditioner, I also seek professional service for my hair maintenance.

I paid a visit to my regular salon Azta Urban Salon a visit to have my hair colored and trimmed just in time for summer.

I’ve been going to this salon since it opened in 2005 in Metrowalk Complex. Since their flagship store closed a few years ago, I started to visit their Eastwood Citywalk branch and have been going there ever since.

I just love the salon, with its modern feel and homey atmosphere. The staff are always welcoming and friendly and its a lot cheaper than other salons, but delivers great service.

I needed to color my hair since my roots have been showing for some time now. Luckily my regular stylist Jojie was there to make sure my hair gets its regular treatment and match my color.

This is me before my hair color. Urk.

Jojie, and his assistant Chad, colored my hair a shade lighter than my old color to match my current hair color. Currently using Ash Brown, which is more natural brown and it shows up more on my regular dark brown hair than other colors.

After which I got a NouNou Treatment to condition my hair, and got a nice head and back massage while waiting for the treatment to set.

After a quick trim from Joji and a wash, my hair was blowdried for it to appear straight and shiny.

And voila! The finished product!!! I just love my hair and cut 🙂

For color maintenance, I purchased some LOreal color shampoo and conditioner to take care of my color and to avoid it fading.


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