Food Trip: Purple Oven


I am seriously way behind on my food trip entries! I have actually gone to so many restaurants the past few weeks and I’m only catching up. Let me start out with this one.

If you find yourself in a famous coffee shop, standing in line to order coffee, you are bound to notice their display of yummy pastries that goes well with coffee (or tea or hot chocolate, to each his/her own).

Meet Purple Oven, one of the suppliers of cakes, pastries and food items in one of the famous worldwide coffee chains in their Manila branches.

Purple Oven has been a well known secret in Manila for its yummy cakes and pastries. My mom was the one who discovered it in the family and its conveniently located in our hometown of Pasig City.

I was in need of some breakfast fare for our meeting tomorrow with client, so we stopped by their one and only branch and warehouse to grab some goodies.

The Purple Oven Bake Shop is located in a side street in the famous hotel area in Pasig City. Its pretty hard to miss when you’re in the area. It looks like a warehouse outside, with a small area where they display and sell all their delicious goodies you see in coffee shops.

Their meat pies, turn-overs, croissants, and meat rolls are just perfect for breakfast! I ordered some boxes (about P300-P390 a box, depending on which assortment of goodies you choose) to take with me. I also got a box of revel bars for those with a sweet tooth. Their bread loaves also looked so yummy sitting on the counter.

I have a favorite cake from them, the chocolate lava cake, but I will just save it for a special occassion.

See their menu here:

The Purple Oven

63 St. Peter St., Oranbo

Pasig City, Metro Manila


(02) 631-4221


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