Food Trip: Chef Laudico Bistro Filipino


The Philippines is very much a great place to dine and enjoy the best kinds of food. Filipino restaurants are opening left and right that serve good home grown family recipes much to the delight of the urban crowd, who crave good food at this fast paced world.

There has also been an influx of Filipino chef’s braving the market and putting up their own signature restaurants, just like they do in the States or Europe. This is probably due to the world wide phenomenon of cooking reality shows. Chefs are becoming celebrities at their own right.

One of these Filipino chefs to do just that is Chef Roland Laudico, and his wife Jackie, when they put up their own restaurant called Bistro Filipino in the middle of a now popular food zone at Bonifacio Global City.

Bistro Filipino is reminiscent of the world’s top restaurants but is truly Filipino in its creativity and flavor. Here the freshest local finds, complement the world’s best ingredients to create a truly unique dining experience.

This distinctive approach to our native cuisine is matched with top notch service and meticulously wrought interiors that showcase native materials and Filipino artistry.

Bistro Filipino presents Filipino cuisine in a modern light, but preserves its traditional flavors. To complement our creative menu, we also serve excellent wines and signature cocktails to complete the experience. Our patisserie whips up inspired desserts and handmade Belgian chocolate truffles infused with indigenous flavors.

– according to their website

Last Monday, my friends from my Landmark Education Advance Course decided to hold our monthly dinners here, c/o birthday girl Dr. Stella Manalo.

We unfortunately came at a time where a fundraising event was being simultaneously held inside, so we were delegated to a table outside the restaurant. Chef Laudico himself graciously visited our table to apologize profusely for the double booking and sometimes served the food himself at our table.

If you’re wondering who Chef Laudico is, he’s one of the chef judges at the recently concluded Junior Master Chef Pinoy Edition aired over ABS-CBN.

For our dinner, we opted for the Ala Carte All You Can promo menu for everyone, for us to be able to sample most of the dished. The Ala Carte All You Can has over 50 signature dish you can order for only P788+ per person. These dishes are served in a smaller quantity than when you order it separately on the menu and actually comes cheaper.

For our meal, we ordered the following:

Complimentary House Bread

Crispy Pancit Molo

Ubod Lumpia Cone

Pork Sisig Shooters

Adobo Shitake Cappuccino

Tapsilog Salad

Crabcake Salad

Laing Stuffed Shrimp Rigattoni

Seafood Pasta

Porkerhouse Steak

Pork Binagoongan


Pandesal Pudding

Molten Chocolate Cake

Banana Q Tart

Calamansi Tart

It was definitely a gastronimical feast and I found myself feeling the after effects more that a day later. The food was all presented beautifully and Chef Laudico provided a good twist to normal Filipino fares. My favorites would be the mushroom soup, laing rigatonni and pork binagoongan. Their desserts were also a winner!

But then again the operative word is Filipino. I grew up with a grandma who cooked such wonderful Filipino dishes that could rival any top Filipino restaurant if I am craving for good home cooked food, so the taste wasn’t a unique experience for me. I guess Chef is targeting an international palette as his target market because I would recommend this restaurant to those who haven’t tried Filipino food ever and would like to experience something world class.

But the dining experience was wonderful and the food was savory. The Ala Carte all you can promo was very worth every peso. The restaurant is always full so its best to call and make reservations before hand.


Net 2 Bldg 28th St. Cor. 3rd Ave. The Fort Global City, Taguig, Philippines

Tel: 8560634


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