TV Guide: The Voice Battle Round 3

I am seriously delayed in posting and note I didn’t actually watch this episode. But thank goodness the highlights are on the NBC The Voice You Tube Channel so I could get to catch up and review.

Here we go:

Pip vs Nathan Parrett

  • Song: You Know I’m No Good
  • Team: Adam
  • Coaches: Pip – Alanis Morrisette; Nathan – Robin Thicke
  • Remarks: For me, Pip steals the show with his boyish good looks and clear voice. Nathan provides a great back up for Pip, but kudos for bringing his self-confidence up another level.
  • Personal Vote: Pip
  • Winner: Pip

Erin Martin vs The Shields Brothers

  • Song: What’s Love Got To Do With It
  • Team: CeeLo
  • Coaches: The Shields Brothers – Babyface; Erin Martin – Ne-Yo
  • Remarks: An interesting mix as Erin has this really unique and strange voice and the Shields Brothers sound like they got high one night and decided to form a band. Not the best song choice and battle from Cee-Lo. Although I will favor Erin, I think she is the lesser evil of the two and has more potential
  • Personal Vote: Erin
  • Winner: Erin

Ashley de la Rosa vs Jonathas

  • Song: No Air
  • Team: Christina
  • Coaches: Jonathis – Lionel Richie; Ashley – Jewel
  • Remarks: Perfect song choice for the two and I can see the two contestants get really comfortable, hence the nice and solid performance. I was at first voting for Jonathis, but as the performance progressed, Ashley gained momentum and finished better and more powerful.
  • Personal Vote: Ashley
  • Winner: Ashley

ALyX vs Jermaine Paul

  • Song: Get Out of My Dreams
  • Team: Blake
  • Coaches: ALyX – Miranda Lambert; Jermaine – Kelly Clarkson
  • Remarks: A very fun performance and I enjoyed watching it, but I have to agree that Jermaine stole the show. He was kept everyone’s attention on him, and had a solid and powerful performance. ALyX wasn’t so bad, but wasn’t that good either. Even the blouse she wore hid a lot of her, thus making her a bit forgettable. But props to her that she got the courage to get up on stage and get out of her comfort zone. She showed she was having a lot of fun in the end.
  • Personal Vote: Jermaine
  • Winner: Jermaine

Katrina Parker vs Angel Taylor

  • Song: Bleeding Love
  • Team: Adam
  • Coaches: Angel – Robin Thicke; Katrina – Alanis Morissette
  • Remarks: Another battle diva! The two have very distinct voices, with Angel being the higher, raspy voice and Katrina with the lower, solid and powerful voice. It’s a tough one for Adam, but personally I think Katrina has the more consistent and powerful performance and she just shown on stage.
  • Personal Vote: Katrina
  • Winner: Katrina

Gwen Sebastian vs Erin Willett

  • Song: We Belong
  • Team: Blake
  • Coaches: Gwen – Miranda Lambert, Erin – Kelly Clarkson
  • Remarks: These two aren’t on the top of my initial lists from the blind auditions but once I saw them perform together I was just amazed. They both complimented each other with Gwen taking the high notes and Erin taking the cool, lower notes. I like Gwen taking a lot of risks with the performance, but Erin delivered something solid and powerful
  • Personal Vote: Gwen
  • Winner: Erin

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