The Story So Far: The Ides of March

A sincere apology to my readers for lack of update especially last week. If you regularly read my blog, I have a blatantly obvious sporadic updates and mostly Project 365 entries.

Things have been busy with the office lately as I’ve had series of upcoming presentations and topped with the launch of our big campaign for kids, which we are spearheading. Even if I do get spare time, my mind is also somewhere else and I can’t seem to write down a decent entry despite so many topics lined up. Even my Hunger Games reviews seems forced (do watch out for some revisions).

But things will change this week. I am raring to write down articles already and I am also looking forward to the long holidays in two weeks. My cousin also offered me a food review stint on their food review site and I’m excited to take it on.

Do keep posted in the coming days. I have a couple of food reviews to write, an entry about the newly opened Mind Museum and other items.

Thank you always for staying tuned to my blog!


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