Food Trip: Ye Dang


The weekend after my trip to Korea I still craving for Korean Food. I rounded up my family for our weekly Sunday lunch to Ye Dang, located in Meralco Ave, just before Metrowalk, to satisfy my craving.

Ye Dang is one of my favorite Korean restaurants, and one of the closest to actual restaurant in Korea. Even the ambiance is authentic, as Ye Dang is completely owned by a Korean family which I regularly see manning the counter and sometimes talking to guests when I visit.

I did the honors of ordering lunch and ofcourse picked my favorites:

For starters, we had the usual appetizers which included small fried fish called dilis, kimchi, caramelized baby potatoes, radishes, crab cakes and a salad.

I just had to have my bibimbap fix and ordered it as our main rice dish.

The Japchae, a Korean noodle dish, was what we missed out on our trip, but my family loves this so it was a must-order.

Dad’s personal request was to get Kalbichim, or Korean beef stew. Its not like the spicy beef stew like in Korea, but the ones I’ve tasted in the Philippines, including this one, is much sweeter than spicy. I was unhappy it came in such a small serving, but dad loves it so it mostly went to him.

Ofcourse lunch would not be complete without the famous Korean barbecue. We ordered chicken and beef barbecue, which was cooked in a grill at our table, heated by coals. Once the barbecue was cooked, you took the pieces, wrap it in lettuce, dip in sauce and enjoy 🙂

My tummy was happy and satisfied with Korean goodies 🙂 We even went to buy Korean ice cream bars at the Korean grocery store next door to complete the experience.


Meralco Ave., Ortigas

Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila


(02) 636-1461


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