Food Trip: Nolita


I usually spend my Tuesdays and Thursdays out of the office visiting my assigned advertising agencies and clients which are usually located in Makati City or Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City. That Thursday, I was in The Fort (as we like to call Bonifacio Global City for short), and my officemates Peaches and Mitch, decided to have our lunch at the new Boni High Street Central after visiting one of our agencies.

Boni High Street Central is the new area at the end of Boni High Street where new restaurants are being placed. This is where Jamba Juice is located.

We decided to try out Nolita, a New York Pizza and pasta place, for lunch and upon Mitch’s recommendation since she already ate there previously.

I was also intrigued by the place as Nolita is an area of Manhattan, New York City, that means North of Little Italy, which houses the best Italian eateries aside from Little Italy.

Stepping into the restaurant, I had a weird sense of nostalgia as I took in the interiors of the restaurant, like it reminded me of some place. Upon research I found out the owners of Nolita are the same people who brought us Borough in The Podium!

The interiors are cozy and homey and I can imagine its a great place to hang out at nights after work or after gimmick to seek some good comfort food.

This is how you order in Nolita:

Mitch and I ordered first as we waited for Peaches. Even their tables had cool New York stuff which I absolutely loved 🙂

Here was what we ordered:

Their pizza slices are the largest I’ve ever seen here in the Philippines, as their pizzas are are whopping 20 inches! It was large enough for three girls to share one slice with everyone satisfied with the slice they got. I even had trouble finishing off the second slice.

We got the Chicken Parmesan (P230) and plain cheese (P130) and there were really good! The crust was thin and chewy, and the slice loaded with toppings. And they didn’t scrimp on cheese!

Stove Top Macaroni and Cheese (P330)

Mmmmm… This is just heaven in a bowl. I adored the cheesy goodness of blue cheese, gouda, and white cheddar and like their pizzas, they didn’t scrimp on cheeses!

Iced White Chocolate

To top it off and beat off the summer heat, I got an Iced White Chocolate (P160). This one was really, really sweet and I had to dilute it with water a couple of times.

Some remarks during our visit, I am not sure if its because we ate there at lunch on a Thursday, but a lot of the things on the menu was unavailable so we had to switch a lot of our orders even if we already paid. We originally ordered the Spinach and Artichoke pizza but later on found out that they were out of Romana cheese and so we switched to Chicken Parmesan. And we also wanted rootbeer and coke floats but it turns out they ran out of ice cream so we opted for the iced drinks which were at the same price as well.

I would definitely suggest this as a good place to hang-out for dinner or after gimmicks or if you are just craving for that New York ambiance.


7th Ave. corner 29th St.

Bonifacio High Street Central

Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City



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