TV Guide: The Voice Battle Rounds 2

Its another week of the battle rounds are more contestants subject themselves to fierce competition from their teammates and advice from their coaches.

Geoff McBride Vs Sera Hill

  • Song: Chain of Fools
  • Team: Christina
  • Coaches: Geoff – Lionel Richie, Sera – Jewel
  • Remarks: This to me wasn’t a battle, but a duet. Both contestants are powerhouses in their own right, and blended so well together. However, in my opinion Sera stole the show, with Geoff being a back-up.
  • Personal Choice: Sera
  • Winner: Sera

Charlotte Sometimes vs Lex Land

  • Song: Pumped Up Kicks
  • Team: Blake
  • Coaches: Charlotte – Kelly Clarkson, Lex – Miranda Lambert
  • Remarks: At first glance, it was hard to distinguish how Blake can put them together since Charlotte looks and sounds like Amy Winehouse, Lex looks and sounds like Adele. But after seeing them perform, I really got to witness a battle between two very different women with two very different styles. Lex held the higher and breathy notes, while Charlotte had the lower, harder tone. And both were able to put their own style into the song.
  • Personal Choice: Lex
  • Winner: Charlotte

Juliet Simms vs Sarah Golden

  • Song: Stay With Me
  • Team: CeeLo
  • Coaches: Sarah – Babyface, Juliet – Ne-yo
  • Remarks: Another surprising mix! Sarah has a smooth country twang, while Juliet has a hard, rocky voice, both can do amazing thing with their voices and their song just brought it out of them. And they also complimented each other. While Sarah did a surprisingly smooth perfomance, Juliet just stole the show with her powerful voice and over-all appearance.
  • Personal Choice: Juliet
  • Winner: Juliet

Whitney Myer vs Kim Yarbrough

  • Song: No More Drama
  • Team: Adam Levine
  • Coaches: Whitney – Alanis Morisette, Kim – Robin Thicke
  • Remarks: An interesting pairing – Kim, who is pushing 50, and Whitney, one of the youngest in the group. I can see Whitney’s struggle in the beginning as she tries to relate to the song, but soon catches up after with her personal style. Kim delivers the song flawlessly with the wisdom of the years. It actually sounds like Kim teaching a lesson about life to a younger Whitney.
  • Personal Choice: Kim
  • Winner: Kim

Lindsey Paveo vs Lee Koch

  • Song: Heart-shaped Box
  • Team: Christina
  • Coaches: Lee – Jewel, Lindsey – Lionel Richie
  • Remarks: One of my favorite battles this week! This was one eclectic choice for Christina Aguilera! Lindsey, one of my favorites, delivered the song in her beautifully haunting voice and her mastery of the song gave her the advantage. Lee has this unique quality to his voice, and despite his unfamiliarity with the song, made it his own and delivered it with his own style.
  • Personal Choice: Lindsey
  • Winner: Lindsey

Jamar Roger vs Jamie Lon

  • Song: I Want To Know What Love Is
  • Team: CeeLo
  • Coaches: Jamie – Babyface, Jamar – Ne-Yo
  • Remarks: Again two different styles and two different performers. Jamar is more smooth and cool, while Jamie has a bit of grit. Jamar delivers a powerful and strong perfomance all throughout, while Jamie gets to show his vocal prowess and range.
  • Personal Choice: Jamar
  • Winner: Jamar

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