TV Guide: The Voice Battle Round 1

I know its almost a week late (in America they would have probably already aired a new episode), but then again better late than never!

The Battle Rounds

From their teams of 12, the coaches picks two contestants from their teams to ‘battle’ each other out. They will sing the same song in front of every one, but their coaches will get to decide who will stay or go.

In preparation for the battle, the coaches each assigns a mentor to the contestants. This year, the mentors are:

  • Team Adam – Alanis Morissette and Robin Thicke
  • Tean Christina – Jewel and Lionel Richie
  • Cee Lo Green – Babyface and Ne-Yo
  • Team Blake – Miranda Lambert and Kelly Clarkson

The Battles

For the first six battles, we have the following:

Tony Lucca vs Chris Cauley

  • Song: Beautiful Day
  • Team: Adam
  • Coaches: Tony – Alanis Morisette, Chris – Robin Thicke
  • Remarks: Tony took more risks with his vocal range and had variety, but Chris was a surprise as he actually did a good rendition of the song. Adam did a good job picking the song as it showed different sides to both contestants, and both performances were remarkable.
  • Personal Vote: Tony
  • Winner: Tony

RaeLynn vs Adley Stump

  • Song: Free Fallin’
  • Team: Blake
  • Coaches: RaeLynn – Miranda Lambert; Adley – Kelly Clarkson
  • Remarks: My favorite version of the song has to from John Mayer. I loved Adley’s powerful voice, which was right on pitch. Raelynn started really shaky, but I admire her courage to take on Adley at such a young age. But she was really great towards the end showing her powerful vocals. They blended really well as they sang the duets so it was a enjoyable performance.
  • Personal Vote: Adley
  • Winner: RaeLynn

Chris Mann vs. Monique Benabou

  • Song: The Power of Love
  • Team: Christina
  • Coaches: Chris – Lionel Richie, Monique – Jewel
  • Remarks: Personally, I am not really a fan of these two singers or the song, but Christina did the right thing of picking two powerful voices to battle each other out. Chris has a refined, experienced toned; while Monique has raw quality to hers. Their rendition were pretty good, but you can see some struggle as the performance is stepping away from their comfort zones. Individually, the song showcased their vocal prowess, but together, there were some problems with harmonizing as they had two very distinct voices.
  • Personal Choice: Monique
  • Winner: Chris

Cheesa vs Angelina Johnson

  • Song: Total Eclipse of the Heart
  • Team: CeeLo
  • Coaches: Cheesa – Babyface, Angelina – Ne-Yo
  • Remarks: I agree with CeeLo on picking these two for battle as they have the same style and vocal prowess, with Angie holding the higher tunes, and Cheesa with her deep powerful voice. I enjoyed the performance by both these ladies, but Cheesa took more vocal risks and had more power in her voice.
  • Personal choice: Cheesa
  • Winner: Chessa

Brian Fuente vs Jordis Unga

  • Song: Ironic
  • Team: Blake
  • Coaches: Brian – Kelly, Jordis – Miranda
  • Remarks: This is a particularly difficult song to sing, as nobody can sing it like Alanis Morissette. But I personally liked Brian’s performance as it was more risky, albeit pitch problems. Their harmonies were a little bit off, and Jordis didn’t really come out and take risky perfomance.
  • Personal Choice: Brian
  • Winner: Jordis

Jesse Campbell vs Anthony Evans

  • Song: If I Ain’t Got You
  • Team: Christina
  • Coaches: Jesse – Lionel Richie, Anthony – Jewel
  • Remarks: The producers certainly saved the best for last! It was an epic soul battle between these two powerhouses. Both did such a remarkable performances both individually and together. Their voices actually complemented each other, and yet had their own distinct quality. They could actually be like an r n’ b group/duet like Boyz II Men or K-Ci and Jojo. I didn’t want to be in Christina’s shoes for this!
  • Personal choice: BOTH
  • Winner: Jesse Campbell

More battles this week!





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