The Beauty Book: Human <3 Nature All Natural Spray Sanitizer

Living in an urban city, you couldn’t help get exposed to dirt and grime. And being constantly on the go, you sometimes don’t have time to look for a clean public toilet. And so I usually rely on anti-bacterial sanitizing products to keep me protected.

I am a hand sanitizer fan. I usually use it after eating or smoking to get rid of the smell. Since my usual brand can only be found abroad, I decided to give a 100% Filipino product a try.

I’ve been hearing about Human ❤ Nature products across the web and seeing it in grocery stores and various media in the city. I was curious, its got great packaging and found in leading grocery stores and top beauty stores in the country, but kept on thinking that this is a foreign brand. But imagine my surprise that its purely Filipino made brought to us by the good people behind the famous non-government organizations, Gawad Kalinga.

It is quite affordable. This handsanitizer costs around P67.75 (a little over $1) in the grocery stores and comes in a spray bottle, so there won’t make much of a mess inside your bag, and comes in a handy travel size for me to stick in my bag organizer and it take it wherever I go. The spray formula is easily absorbed and doesn’t leave sticky residue like some handgels. And it comes in a clean, citrusy scent that even kids like.

And the best thing about it, its 100% made with no harmful chemicals! That’s very good news for nature lovers and environmentalists. I am personally glad and support this advocacy.

For my foreign readers, I encourage you to try their products when you come visit. Please see their website:

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