Food Trip: Happy Lemon’s Cocoa with Rock Salt and Cheese


I have already written in my former blog a write-up on Happy Lemon shortly after it first opened in 2010 in Promenade, Greenhills. Since then, they have expanded their store to different malls, one of them being Eastwood Mall, where we had our drinks after our dinner at Kogi Bulgogi.

If in my last blog entry, I raved about the Lemon Yakult Mousse Spin, this time, I will share my ultimate favorite drink from Happy Lemon – Cocoa with Rock Salt and Cheese.

I now order it with black pearls as a variation to this drink. This drink is served with a glass of cocoa with ice and topped with their special concoction called rock salt and cheese – a creamy/sweet/salty topping that completes the drink. This drink is usually taken by being sipped, but since I have pearls, I opt for the straw.

This drink is comparable to a yummy kids chocolate drink that just brings out the child in you. Its a comfort drink at its best and an alternative for me if I don’t feel like drinking milk tea. The rock salt and cheese on top can be its own food group 🙂

Happy everyday again at Happy Lemon!


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