Food Trip: Serenitea


Before the influx of global milk tea brands like Gong Cha, Happy Lemon and Chatime came in the Philippines, we already had our own local version.

Serenitea started the milk tea craze in the country way back in 2008, opening its first shop in Manila. Word was spreading and soon brands from abroad followed. But despite this, Serenitea remains to be a formidable player in the milk tea industry.

Serenitea has long since branched out from its original store in Little Baguio, San Juan, and the most convenient store for me to visit is the one in Burgos Circle, the Fort.

I was in a milk tea phase that week, so as soon as I arrived from Cagayan De Oro, I made a pitstop at the Burgos Circle branch for my tea fix.

I decided to try their version of the Wintermelon Milk Tea, the flavor I am currently addicted to from Gong Cha.

But alas, it wasn’t even a worthy substitute! It taster more like ordinary milk tea and it was also a bit bitter. Still Gong-Cha’s Wintermelon Milk Tea is the clear winner.

But there are many other yummy flavors from Serenitea like their Nagoya Milk Tea, Hokkaid Milk Tea and malt milk tea.


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