Food Trip: Kogi Bulgogi


After a great movie, the girls (May, Len and I) followed Nancy and her fiancee John to grab a late dinner at Eastwood’s famous Korean restaurant, Kolgi Bulgogi.

Located in a strategic location at the second floor, near the mall’s entrance, this restaurant is normally always full. I once called to reserve, however, they don’t accept reservations, but has a priority seating (meaning you still have to wait in line if the restaurant is full, but they’ll seat you first).

The Korean influence has definitely made its mark in the Filipino palate as more of these restaurants are popping up to especially cater to the many Korean nationals staying in the country to study.

Since Nancy, John, May and JR have already eaten, Len and I decided to ordered food to share. We ordered a bowl of bibimbap and soft-shelled crab maki.

Bibimbap is a korean rice dish served in a hot stone bowl. It contains ground beef, rice, veggies and egg. It is usually mixed first and spicy red bean paste can be added for flavoring and a spicy kick. Kogi Bulgogi’s bibimbap was quite good but lacked the meat part. Personally, my favorite bibimbap is the one served on Korean airlines. 🙂

The soft shell crab maki is one of my favorite sushi dishes. The size is big and topped with crab bits and japanese mayo which makes it really good.

Ofcourse the meal isn’t complete with some dessert! Kogi Bulgogi serves the famous Korean ice cream sandwiches and popsicles, that usually my mom stops here to grab her Korean ice cream fix.

A yummy Korean dinner and good conversation with friends are always a good way to spend Friday nights!


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