Food Trip (The CDO Edition): Missy Bon Bon

02.18.12 and 02.21.12

This little cafe isn’t hard to miss. Located right near the LimKetKai Mall East Concourse entrance, Missy Bon Bon offers “a hip, cozy, and relaxed artisanal breadshop serving healthy, freshly made bread onsite, as well as unique fusion interpretations of local bread products, gourmet comfort food, custom gelato, and freshly brewed coffee.” (according to their Facebook page).

Ria has tried this before and she eagerly suggested we go in the shop for some dessert.

It was such a cute little shop that I love their interiors and even their packaging for water!

Missy Bon Bon is first and foremost a bread shop. They offer a wide variety of pastries I haven’t seen before. For those from Manila and Asia, think Goldilocks, Bread Talk or Red Ribbon. I spied this – their Cheesy Sponge Cake – one of their best sellers and I knew I had to try it.

It was light and fluffy. It had a yummy custard filling in the middle to give it that sweetness, and partnered with cheese on top to balance out the flavor.

I liked it so much that I bought boxes of it to take home with me in Manila. Each box of 5 costs P140 ($3).

Second, Missy Bon Bon is also a geleteria that serves different flavors of ice cream.

Although it is not served as creatively and as fun as the gelaterias here in Manila, I was eager to sample their flavors as I always enjoy a good cup of gelato I ordered a blueberry cheesecake scoop which was really yummy with ripples of blueberry sauce and bits of cheesecake mixed in the ice cream. Other flavors are black forest, mango, ferrero, etc.

And lastly, Missy Bon Bon is also a cafe. We ate there for brunch before heading to the airport and we found the place packed full of people on business meetings on a Monday morning. They served all-day breakfasts with a American and Filipino menu, pastas and sanwiches.

Char’s Steak and Eggs

My Power Omelette

Davis’ daing-si-log (fried fish, fried rice and fried egg)

Ria’s Eggs Benedict

We ordered different meals from the breakfast menu. I was happy with mine and the hash brown was my favorite. The omelette had mushrooms, sausage, ham and onions in eat making in a tasty treat for me. Ria was also happy with hers. Char didn’t like her steak very much as it was bland.

Its such a happy place and I will definitely go back here on my next visit.


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